A Simple But Special Mother's Day

If you want to tell me you don't need to wait for Mother's Day to celebrate and appreciate your Mom... well, please don't. I know we don't need a special day to show our love to anyone but doing it regardless on these designated day can be nice too. And I'm happy that my hubby and son made it special for me today.

Anyway, I've been warned by Zaini that there will be no tulips for me this year. You see, I always get a bunch of tulips every Mother's Day. We didn't go out for dinner too. But instead, I got something way more special:
Splurging for Mother's Day. Some Calpis drinks we got at Shojikiya for just RM11.90 for those two bottles and those beef for our steak lunch. RM30 for a of uncooked piece of meat is a splurge for me but a totally nice splurge. 
Lunch cooked by my two boys. Don't they look just so scrumptious?
Zaini knows I've been going back and forth over buying the wireless Sony Walkman to accompany me while I'm jogging/running. He surprised me with it  earlier on Friday night instead of  on Sunday because he said he knew that I would want to use it on Saturday morning while jogging at Lake Garden and he is absolutely correct. I love him for it. I don't need big expensive stuff. It's the fact that he noticed what I had wanted and actually got it for me made it more special.

Raimie wanted to buy me a gift too but I told him that a kiss from him would suffice. He pouted and told me that kisses doesn't count. Well, kisses from hubby and son for me is quite precious! ^^

Also, check out this Japanese song titled Mother sung by Seamo as my Mother's Day dedication. Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Aww... What sweet gestures!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there. It is always nice to treat mum to something special. I think we don't always show enough appreciation to the mothers in our lives.

    Japan Australia

  3. @HappySurfer,
    Sweet, right? ^^

  4. @Japan Australia,
    And soon it'll be time to show our appreciation to the Dads. :)

  5. yeah, i agree it don't have to be that specific day that you can celebrate, we can do it anytime right?? just like valentine's day~~~ :p

  6. i would definitely prefer a heartful homecooked meal than spending a splurge at nice restaurant, which most probably charging more for special occasions..

  7. the steak definitely looks good!! and also the side salads, wow, your boys definitely can cook yeah~~ :)

  8. @SK,
    Still, using those special dates for celebrating can be nice too though we have to pay for it! The exorbitant cost those special days will cause. o.O

    Agree. But of course, it is easier letting someone else cook than doing it ourselves sometimes. XD

  9. I'll Piak whoever claim no need for Mother's day!! That's one the most ideal and wonderful day to show my love to my mom(or perhaps to giv excuse to treat my mom), else usually she will say we are wasting $$ lar or perhaps really shy for us to blurt tht we love her, lol!

  10. @SK,
    Zaini learns to cook early. When he was a teen, it was just him and two elder brothers staying in KL. Gotta learn how to survive!

    It was me who learn to cook late. I learn to cook when I was dating him. ^^!

  11. @Alice,
    Eh, still got people say one, why only celebrate on Mother's Day. Everyday oso can be Mother's Day.

    Like you said, sometimes we are too malu or kena scold by our moms for doing it so Mother's Day is a good excuse to go all out.

  12. happy mother's day my dear! hugs!

  13. @Ayie,
    And to you too.

    Was it you first or second Mother's Day celebration with cute little Jariel? :)

  14. You are such a fortunate mommy....your boys cooked those lovely meal for you...that's nice that you have a very wonderful mother's day.

  15. @Bing,
    I am indeed! And they did the dishes too! :)


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