Learning To Share

Remember me writing about my beat-up treadmill? It's yet to be repaired because the cost was too high! RM1,000 for repair! OMG! @.@

So what a girl gotta do when she's at home and the weather not too good to run outside or it is too dark to do so?

Hit the apartment's gym, which I have not visited like, in years because I've got my own treadmill at home.While I don't really mind using the equipments with others, I won't enter the gym if I wasn't the first one there. I want to choose my equipment and that means the one looking out the window!

I really have to learn not be so hung up about this, but then, if I'm going to spend  time on the treadmill, I might as well choose the one I like and with view to look at instead of the beige wall!

Maybe I'm selfish too, since there are always people wanting to use the treadmill (and the rest of the equipments there). If I'm on it, I'll usually stay on it for about an hour or so. Sorry folks! Don't worry, I won't hog the treadmill. I don't like you guys waiting for your turn. But I just wish the same people hogging the gym don't hog them too much and give others a chance to use the equipments there too.


  1. That's the thing about sharing, some people can just be plain selfish.

    How's the running sessions coming along? Bought any new running stuff ... hehehe ...

  2. @Nick,
    That's why I need to remind myself not do that too. It is just plain hard to get access to the apartment's gym nowadays because the same group of people are there when I want to go (i.e. at night, after work) and be there for hours. :(

    Running is stuck at 7+K still. :( I don't have much time running, so I think I need to do a better time running (run faster) to cover more KMs in 60 minutes. I'm slow... but hey! I'm trying! XD

    Don't think that 10K target by end-June will be met. But I'm not giving up.

    Oh God! I'm trying to stay away from Sports stores. But gonna buy the Nike sportband next week, I think. ^^ And I new some new gear too.

    Love, love, love the Nike dri-fit socks. I should stock up on that! :p

  3. isn't there a cable TV fronting each treadmill? Usually most gyms have cable TV right in front of each unit.
    But I don't think you're selfish....it's your prerogative.

  4. @Bing,
    If you're talking about paid gym, yes. But I'm using the free gym at my apartment. No such luxury. XD

  5. I'll have to agree that running for an hour with the view of the wall is no fun.

  6. Not only hogging the equipment, after some people are done working out, they chitchat while still sitting or standing around the equipment and nobody can use it. Really insensitive about other people.

  7. hmmmm, kind of found some conflicts in your statement about hogging.. haha!! you try to take up the machine you want for an hour, but don't like people to wait and definitely don't like to see people hogging?? errrr..

  8. @HappySurfer,
    When I faced the wall, I just stare at the machine's dashboard instead of allowing myself enjoy the scenery. Certainly no fun!

  9. wow, so you are always the first to be in the gym?? having that said, means you are already there as early as 6am?? wow, that's really early!! hahahaha~~ :D

  10. @jellybelly,
    Oh, that is so true! Some people think nothing of chit-chatting at the machine. I hate that!

  11. @SK,
    When I used to have a gym membership, I will be there when the gym opens at 6.30am. XD

    First as in, the gym is empty and I am the one taking the gym key from the guardhouse and open it up. I don't like going to the apartment's gym when somebody else is in there. xD!

    But if I wake up early for a run, I usually run around the neighborhood because it's cooler. Gym time nowadays if only I choose to run later, say 10am or 4pm on weekends.

    Conflicting statement in my post - yes... I know I'll use the machine for an hour or so, so that's why I use the gym when nobody else is using. When I'm on it, and someone else enters the gym, I don't like them pointedly looking at me as if to hurry me up because I don't do that to them! If I can wait, so can they!

    Anyway,I can't be at the gym on weekdays because at night, it will be hogged by the same group of people from 8pm till 10pm!

    Pening lah! LOL

  12. I have to say, I hate treadmills!! So boring unless there's a TV to watch while working out on it : D

  13. @foong,
    But I find it still necessary. You know, some people don't go jogging at noon like you! LOL

    If I have my music, I'm fine running outdoors or on a treadmill. ^^ Cute guy running beside me oso a bonus. LOL


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