Together We Can Go Further, With Fitness First Malaysia

For the past couple of months, I had been contemplating about rejoining a commercial gym to level-up my fitness towards my journey to become a better runner.

I admittedly suck when it comes to training for a stronger core and I need to improve on my agility and flexibility.

Being able to stay moving on my two feet for hours can only carry me so far. I need to be stronger in order to be faster too. Or to be able to run much much longer.

Anyways, I was delighted when I was given the chance by The Butterfly Project Malaysia to join them for a session with Fitness First Malaysia for a chat session with their MD and Brand Ambassador and experience their signature FreeStyle Group Training (FGT) on Monday, Nov 3rd 2014.

There's a Malay saying for this : "Seperti orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal".
Fitness First is I feel, already an ubiquitous name in health & fitness in Malaysia. Actually, Fitness First started with a single club opening at Menara Manulife, Kuala Lumpur in 2001 and now has 13 Fitness First Platinum and Fitness First clubs. No. 14 will be opening soon in The Gardens Mall and I am excited for its opening!
Our session for the day started with an introduction to the blogger/media experiential session (FGT) for a better understanding on what is FreeStyle Group Training (FGT) is all about.
We then proceeded with a chat with the Managing Director of Fitness First Malaysia, Mr Kurt Stocks and the Assistant Fitness Manager of Fitness First The Curve, Mr Ng Kah Wen; who later lead us during the experiential FGT session.

Mr Stocks talked abut the adoption of Fitness First's new fitness philosophy, managing and monitoring progressive upgrades of existing clubs; implementing the latest fitness innovation and launch of new workouts and enhancing staff expertise and customer service across all clubs.

Their campaign, "Together, We Can Go Further" is coined to inspire members to achieve their fitness goals. 

According to Mr Stocks, it is their target to achieve 90% "fitness certified" staff at all their clubs; meaning, that even the staff manning the reception counter can assist members in their fitness need. 

Oh yeah, this MD knows what he is talking about. He is an accredited presenter, certified Fitness First Master Trainer, Group TRX instructor and Master Coach in Training. The father of one is a former professional rugby player and an A-grade road cyclist and equestrian enthusiast.

(I probably would've sign up  immediately to a Fitness First membership if he said he is a runner. HAHAHA. Joking lah).
We were later taken on a tour of the Fitness First, The Curve; led by Mr Ng Kah Wen. Pretty impressive set-up they have here.

Mr Ng is a Master Trainer at Fitness First Platinum, The Curve and has served as trainer for The Biggest Loser Asia, TRX Group Exercise Instructor as well as presenter for Fitness First Freestyle Movement Specialist (FMS) and Outdoor Movement Training Master (OMT). He is also the FreeStyle Group Training Master Trainer (FGT) for Fitness First.
Then, it was time for the FGT Experiental session. Just look at this "playground"!

Training for either Reebok One Challenge or Viper Challenge came to mind. Hehehe
We were shown first, some dynamic warm-ups done by the trainers.
Then it was our turn.

But before that... A group photo!
We only did 2 sets of 7 stations - involving push-ups, lunges, jumps and a bit of drills. I must say, it was super fun but tough.

I sincerely feel that this type of workout can help me improve my running and I am certainly am looking forward to joining their group sessions as a member in the future. LEVEL UP!!! Hahaha
Not only the trainers were there to assist (or coax) us during the session, the management came down to give support. They are a hoot too, they are. LOL

20 minutes later and we were done.

Fun! And I sweated like a pig during that 20 minutes.
And another group photo, the after shot. ;-)

I am very interested in the FGT classes after this session and they have several programme streams : HIIT, Power and Strength.

Basically, FreeStyle Group Training challenges an works the body in progressive ways to improve efficiency and speed. Classes lasted for 30 minutes and include three format sections : a set of mobilisers to warm up the muscles, the main work out and a 2-minutes continuous workout.

FGT HIIT as the name implies work at high intensity and pace with equal bursts of 30-second work and rest intervals to work the core with our bodyweight and Freestyle equipments.

FGT Power is an explosive and progressive, fast-paced power movements with heavy resistance; 20-second output, 40-seconds rest period.

FGT Strength builds total body functional strength, muscular endurance and promotes lean muscle mass with the Dynamic Movement Training exercises and strength-based loads.

I think I'll start with the FreeStyle Group Training first lah... before trying out the other three. Better get the basics right first. ^^

Again, thank you to Fitness First Malaysia and The Butterfly Project Malaysia for this opportunity. Health and fitness is close to my heart so to be able to be a part of it and spread out the word to others is something I love to do.

And... you guys will definitely see me at the Gardens Mall, fully utilising the services and facilities soon! Come stalk me! Bwahaha...

For more info on the clubs and what they offer, head to their website : Fitness First Malaysia.


  1. Yes, its good for your running to strengthen your core especially the legs. I am doing leg workout now too, which I dislikes.

    1. Core is upper body strength wei. Abs Abs Abs and Abs Hahaha

      An all-round fitness is always better, right?

  2. Fitness First my old time buddy!! haha..

    have switched from FF to another gym many years ago..

    and since I've signed up a lifetime membership with the current one, I ain't going anywhere else..


    1. Aisey. .. no chance to bump into Ah Boy while he's working out la... since he is lifetime loyal to another gym dy...

      That lifetime membership means ah... Ah Boy had been pumping iron since before the new millenium, right? Respect!

    2. no lah, Ah Boy was still a boy before the new millennium.. can't remember when i started with all these gym thing, maybe circa 2003.. oh, more than a decade now!! :p

      i work out in gym, or just lepak in the gym?? muahahahaha~~

    3. Haaaaa!!! What ah boy do in the gym ah?

      Flex muscle in front of mirror? :p

  3. I used to join a gym, but no more liao...

    Now only jog in park or the reservoir near my house...

  4. this one betul like "Seperti orang mengantuk disorongkan bantal". Suit you well !

    1. Yalor... mmg syiok gila when I got invited. Haha

  5. Good for you to join the gym. BTW I like what you were wearing :)

    1. Not yet. Soon. I need to do extra workouts on top of all the running mileage to improve my runs. :)

  6. Used to be a Fitness First member too. Oh so opening in Gardens Mall soon? Perfect for you lah :)


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