Strawberries Galore At Abang Strawberry, Cameron Highlands

Last weekend we went to Cameron Highlands for Cameron Night Run. The run was presented by Abang Strawberry and they had generously provided strawberries goodies to all runners participating in the run.
We were given not only fresh strawberries (with chocolate dip) in our race kit, but also strawberry jam and strawberry sambal.

It was already 4 pm when we had settled our race kit collection and checking in to Century Pines Resort Hotel so we decided to have lunch at Abang Strawberry cafe called 200 Seeds Cafe.

It's less than a mile from our hotel so we decided to walk there. 

The cafe was abuzz with diners and there was even a Majalah 3 camera crew getting ready to do their shooting at the cafe!
They do have a rather extensive menu but of course la we decided to have their Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberry with Rendang Daging.

We do have to queue at the cashier to make our order so I wasn't sure why there's a 10% service charge because it's not really a full service cafe.

Anyhoo, the nasi lemak was fluffy and fragrant and the sambal strawberry has a tinge of the strawberry sweet smell.
Hubby ordered Strawberry Milkshake and I ordered Strawberry Cordial.
Then we tapau some scone to enjoy in our hotel room, to eat together with the strawberries that we received in our race kit, accompanied with a nice cup of Cameronian tea.

Love, love, love the scones. So fluffy and creamy.

We didn't go strawberry picking this time, but you can do so at the cafe. It's rather convenient to have the cafe and strawberry fields adjacent to it. 

Anyways, with bottles of strawberry jam at our home now, maybe I can try do some scones baking this weekend? Hahaha


  1. I always loved Strawberry Milkshake! Now you just announced Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberry which made me drooling. I will be going to Cameron Highlands soon and look for that.

  2. I bought a bottle of Abang Strawberry sambal but haven't opened yet. LOL!

    1. Haha I think mine also will not be opened so soon.

  3. Wow. Everything strawberry. Would like to try that strawberry rice. I love fresh strawberries and strawberry milkshake.

  4. I like to eat strawberries! strawberry sambal is so unique! is it spicy?

    1. Not really. It's just nice and it has a nice strawberry aroma.


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