Food Delivery In Ramadan During MCO

I used food delivery service quite a number of time during MCO phase 1 - 3, before Ramadan, ranging from ordering through delivery app such as Grabfood or Foodpanda or direct from seller advertising on social media.

I like to think of it as a way to help out local economy. I am still lucky to be enjoying full salary and am able to work from home (I spent just two days during MCO going to office) so why not help out both our delivery service and F&B sector? 

Oh ya, I've been cooking a storm during MCO too. I take turn with Hubby. He prepared breakfast, we may cook or order lunch and I cook dinner.

Anyhoo, ordering food had been pretty much restricted to sellers nearby our housing area but with during this phase 5 of MCO, movement restriction is relaxed and we have more options to choose from now.

One of it is Afzal's Kitchen. They are based in Selayang so of course I couldn't make any order earlier.

Recently, they opened order to selected areas and I saw that they covered my area! So I quickly made my order.

Ordering was simply through their google form.
And I just  choose my order, select the date and wait for their whatsapp for order confirmation. Easy.

Payment is either by COD or bank transfer. I choose the cashless option and transferred my payment. It's easier also because I don't have much cash on me, the last time I withdraw money was on 17th March! Hahaha

We made two orders.

The first one was Menu B, rice set with Daging Masak Hitam and we ordered three packs plus a pack of Ayam Parateel.
Individually packed Daging Masak Hitam.
Generous portion with nice chunky cuts of meat and ample gravy. 
Ayam Paratel. I had to google what is Ayam Paratel. Hahaha

This is perfect for curry lovers! Rasanya memang sangat berkari.

Bonus points for presentation. It travelled from Selayang to Balakong and still look good.
Long grain rice served, so luxurious for us...

And the sambal that was included in the rice set, sedap...

Rice portion was just nice for me.
Ready to makan!

Look really delicious, right?

Our second order was Ayam Goreng Kunyit and Daging Masak Hitam (both lauk only) and Spicy Olio Meatball.
Ample portion.

Spicy Olio Meatball was quite spicy! Yalah, name also indicate it's spicy. Hahaha
We washed down our meal with this sugarcane drink which we ordered from Afzal's Kitchen a few hours before he made our delivery.

Sedap and refreshing. It's been so long since we last enjoyed sugarcane drinks.

Updates on future delivery dates/coverage and what's available on their menu is available at their Facebook page: Afzal's Kitchen.

Hubby was very satisfied with our orders and wouldn't mind ordering again, provided their delivery date to our area ngam with us.


  1. The food looks really good and I would love to try the daging masak hitam. It has been a long time since I had sugarcane drink!

    1. Me too! So I was happy to enjoy it with my meal that day.

  2. It is good to help the food industry. I also order food delivery few times.

  3. You are always very kind and think for others. That is the Lina I have known for years now. That's why you are blessed with full salary till now.

    I love all the food you ordered esp the Daging Masak Hitam which is a real Malay food. Suddenly I felt very thirsty when I saw your sugar cane. This is always refreshing to drink when chilled very cold. Yums!

    My blogs has spooky problems right now. I counted 50 comments when it says 56 comments. Luckily I saw your comments and others in my email notification. Thank you.

    Selamat Berpuasa.

    1. Thank you for your WISH, Anay.

      Your blog got haunted coz you rarely visit it kah?

  4. Wow! The food looks so sedap!

  5. Alhamdulilah its good to know you are not affected by the MCO Lina. Your kindness rewards you for the help you extended.

    Wow, the food looks so delish!!! I like the curry, the portion is all good !! But that sambal, THAT SAMBAL!!!! It looks so sedap and pedas!!

    Yep, during this MCO i have turned into a full time chef kat rumah but luckily they have eased down the MCO so I can go out and tapau if I need a break ..but for those past 7 weeks of cooking and preparing 3 meals a day does run me down.

    1. Hi Tima,
      Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to you and family.
      Have a joyous and blessed Syawal

  6. The foods look so delicious...Online food ordering is a good especially during MCO and its very easy and cheap..


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