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Years ago, I met with a few barefoot runners in Malaysia such as Uncle Tan (you can check his FB profile here) and also reading the book Born to Run by Christopher McDougall which was released in 2009.

Apart from learning about those who run barefoot, I also learn about minimalist running sandals and yup, there are people out there who run clad in sandals. One of the more famous sandals is the Luna sandals.

I'm not a barefoot runner or sandal runner, I still love my adidas Boost shoes a lot but I do wear sandals occasionally during my run. I'd usually change and wear sandals in the later stage of a looping ultramarathons because my feet will swell after such a long run and it's more comfortable to wear a pair of sandal instead to finish my race.
Photo credit: Zul Hilmi Hamdun (Bett)
I'm not a hardcore sandal runner, nowadays I mostly used it to run in shorter races & fun runs such as 5K and 10Ks (and yeah, I do occasionally run with my camera).

Here are my three sandals that I used daily and had used for running:
Telic Recovery Sandal.

Extremely comfortable and long lasting. I had this pair for more than 2 years now, that's why you can see its obvious wear and tear.

Got it during Twincity Marathon running clinic in 2018.

Price : cost around RM200 (so agak kayangan)
Comfort level: light, extremely comfortable,  well-cushioned and supportive. Good arch support. No problem with chafing when used for running up to 10K for me.
Origin: Made in USA
Where to find: available via popular online shopping portal.
My latest sandal is the Y sandal which I bought during this year's Skyhawk Nature Run.

Price: got it for RM89 so it's the mid-range price for me.
Comfort level: very light, quite comfortable but I can only run 5K max if I'm not wearing a sock with this sandal.
But still a good sandal for me.
Can run fast in this.
Origin: Taiwan
Where to find: during most REPC or can check out KP Tan's FB page. (no, he doesn't know who I am so I'm not being paid to promote his business hahaha) Of course, can buy online too.
My last pair is the Free World Sandal. Hubby got his pair during Twincity Marathon 2019 REPC, and a friend, Choi (check out his FB here) had opened a booth there. I bought a pair later, through an online purchase from PTT Outdoor.

Comfort wise, it's almost on par with my Telic sandal but for a fraction of the price.

Price: around RM59-RM69 depending on promo and discount
Comfort level: this is the heaviest pair among my three running sandals but it is extremely comfortable. No issue when I did 5K & 10K in this pair.
Origin: Australia
Where to find: easily available online.

Anyhoo, I wear my Y Sandal during my jump rope workout too. OK lah, can do 1,000 skip easily in it.

A pair is usually in our car so it's also convenient if I just decided to go for a run but didn't bring a pair of shoes because I can just slip on my sandal and head out.

Some runners can run (and boast) in just the few ringgit selipar jepun, but I can't. When I want to run in sandals, so far these are my options.


  1. Wow...the sandals area pricey no?

    1. A bit, but I find them much better than owning a Croc :P

  2. Barefoot running reminds me of Zola Budd. I never knew that you can run wearing sandals and I have always thought that running shoes give protection to the feet and would be more comfortable to run in. Amazing!

    1. Zola Budd is a legend.
      Running in sandals is quite the hype now in Malaysia running scene. :)

  3. Barefoot running? I don't think I can do that. Running in slippers or sandals?? Definitely no. Haha

  4. If these sandals are good for running, they should be good for walking, right? I see if can persuade my spouse to get a pair since he wears sandals whereas I prefer shoes that covered toes.

    Here's wishing you and your family "Selamat Hari Raya, maaf Zahir Dan batin". Please forgive me if I unknowingly wrote some comments which offended some people.

    1. I memang use it for walking, and long walks too.
      Very comfy.

      Thank you for the wish.
      Hope you're having a great Raya weekend.

  5. gotta add luna sandals in your collection hehehe

  6. SELAMAT HARI RAYA!! best entry ini.. done follow u, follow me back.. tq


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