Virtual Runs And Challenges To Keep Motivated

I guess it's hard to be and keep on being motivated about training and running when we pretty much won't have any running events this year.

There are however, all sort of virtual runs and virtual challenges popping up but none really caught my fancy.

Recently, however, I got interested in two virtual runs. Hubby was the first to sign up for them, and it provides enough challenge for me to be intrigued to also join.

First, we signed up for the Gold Coast Virtual Marathon (GCVM). It offers 6 distances and one can join free of charge.

It's free so there's no medal or t-shirt but once you update your running results, your name is entered into the ranking list. Some runners tried their best to do a PB in this virtual run to get good ranking.
They do have running bibs for us to download and print, which I did! You can also print your run certificate after completing each run.

As you can see, I registered to do all 4 distances available for adults - 5K, 10K, 21K & 42K. I've done the 5K on the day the virtual run kick-off on 1st July and my 10K was done on Saturday the same week.

I'm thinking of doing the 21K next week and the 42K on the last day of July.
(Hubby and I did a 21K on the last Sunday of June, but it doesn't count for this challenge as it only started on 1st July).
So in between, I signed up for another virtual run challenge to keep me entertained.

Again, Hubby signed up for this free virtual run first and I signed up only on week 11. The Rock N Roll Virtual Running Club has different challenges and distances for us to do and achieve, and  I must say, it's quite fun to do it.
Why else would I be willing to run in the heavy run last Sunday, if not for completing the 15K challenge? Wahaha

This week, we're up for the 5K and a 13K remix challenge. Should be fun to complete it.

Anyway, for those who join virtual runs either the free ones or paid ones (and getting medals + t-shirts) or those who are motivated enough not to need outside "forces" to get their mileage done, what's important is that - we're running. We're keeping fit. We're happy. We're healthy.

And I salute you!


  1. Well done! Since you both like running, good to see you both are keeping it up, joining virtual runs!

  2. I have never tried virtual running before. :p Must be quite a new experience.

  3. I walked in the rain last Sunday. Who knows lama-lama can run marathon. LOL!


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