Enjoying A Cup of Coffee At Ahli Kopi Kangar

Early in January, we had to travel all the way up north to Perlis to send Son back to his campus at Perlis Matriculation in Arau.

Instead of spending the night in Arau like previously, I suggested to Hubby we stay in Kangar instead. There were some cafes I wanted to try there and he readily obliged.

The cafe that I wanted to visit is not those viral types, or those Instagramable type either. Rather, it's a small shop with just a few benches to sit.

Don't let the shop's facade turn you off.  Don't turn your nose to this cafe either. This seemingly unassuming cafe serves up pretty good coffee.

This is where you can not only good cup(s) of coffee but also coffee beans, brewing tools, milk, etc. The Ahli Kopi dudes are able to teach and introduce you to coffee too.
The Ahli Kopi at work.

As usual when we visited a coffee place, our choice would be the pour over. Their V60 cost RM10 per cup and we could choose one of the 6 coffee beans available. We were walked through each bean and its taste in detail before making our selection.

We decided to try two of their house blends. While waiting for our coffee, we talked with the Ahli Kopi about the shop and even chatted with the customers. Kangar people sure are friendly!
We learnt that Ahli Kopi used to operate a bigger cafe but due to the first MCO, they had to shut down and operate at a new, smaller shop.

I had shared about our experience there on Facebook (in Malay) and you can read it at Peminat Kopi FB page.

If you area coffee lover in Perlis or when this COVID-19 and MCO is over, and you can visit Perlis; do make a stop at Ahli Kopi Kangar. You can search about the cafe in Facebook lah!


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