Repeat Orders For Ikan Presscook

Late last year, we tried the ready-to-eat Ikan Terubuk sold by Presscook.  It was delicious, not to mention so convenient to have some of the Presscook's fish stocked up in our fridge.

There is almost zero preparation for us to enjoy the frozen fish and it comes with a small sachet of sambal too! Eating them doesn't take much effort too, as we can eat even the fish's bones!

It was super handy to have the frozen fish at home during the CNY because our neighbourhood kedai runcit didn't have any fish stocked during the holidays!

It's also super convenient to order them now, because Presscook appointed agents can deliver the fish right to our doorstep (delivery charges applies).

I made my second order early this month and tried their Ikan Susu (Milk Fish). Ikan Susu is another fish that's notorious with its bones. Not an easy fish to eat, especially for small children.

But with Presscook, just like their Ikan Terubuk, one can eat everything. Even the bones!

Ikan susu for lunch. I just fried the fish for a short while, then had them with budu. Yums!

I made my third order this week but this time, it was back to Ikan Terubuk. Our initial plan was to cook Ikan Terubuk Masak Taucu but then, my sister sent me some petai so we had Sambal Petai instead.
Our two main star ingredients for Sunday's lunch.
Our yummy Sunday lunch. Even its head is yummy and soft. Nothing is wasted as every single part of Presscook's Ikan Terubuk and Ikan Susu can be eaten.

These frozen fish by Presscook are very versatile and there are many ways to enjoy them if you do not want to eat it as is (you can, you know). Do note, the fish is not salted fish, ya. 

Ikan Susu is priced at RM15 per pc
Ikan Terubuk is priced at RM20 per pc

If you're unsure what to do with the fish, do visit Presscook's Instagram account or Facebook page. There are posts on recipes and how to enjoy both the Ikan Terubuk and Ikan Susu and also lists of agents and stockists too. There's even an interesting recipe, using it in Korean rice balls! Do check their IG page out!

Presscook Official Instagram: presscookofficial

Presscook Official Facebook page: Presscook Official


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