Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Beary Meal At A&W For A Shin-Chan Toy

Not looking forward for a heavy dinner on Friday, after our yummy lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, and not wanting to cook; we decided to go to Alamanda in Putrajaya and head to A&W for some fast food dinner and drink A&W rootbeer. Yummm.... We do love A&W's rootbeer especially when served in their chilled glass. Heaven.

Usually we don't really like to order the kids' meal for Raimie at A&W, but who can resist the free toy they offered this time. Instead of the usually lame free toys (yeah, I don't like A&W toys that came with the meals), it was Crayon Shin Chan toys this time. 6 to collect! Raimie chose the Action Kamen figure of course. And with Raimie making puppy eyes at us, how can we say no to him? :D
What would you order at A&W? We always go for the hot dogs. It's usually supreme dog for me and Raimie and Zaini always go for the coney dog. This time, because we bought the kids meal for Raimie, he had a "doggie". Just a plain dog for him this time but he was happy. Yeah, happy because he got a cool toy. I'm sure he'll misplaced it tomorrow. LOL

Raimie is already asking us when we are going to A&W again. Not so much for the food, but for the free toys of course!


  1. Oh A & W... I haven't eaten their Coney dog for ages.

    The fact that it has gotten smaller yet the price has increased :/.

    Ooooh does make me want to eat them now hahaha!

    I love their Waffles but that would be only with the old aunty in PJ State A & W. But I don't she is there anymore though.


    I am first to comment here today! Hahaha! Wheeeeeee!

  3. I jus thad lunch and now you making me want coney dog! Aiyar!

  4. My turn to spam you, lina! hope you don't mind :P

  5. Where is my crayon shin-chan figurine?! I want with him dropping his pants down got? :P

  6. @ladyviral,
    Darling, you are always welcome to spam me! LOL

    Come have lunch at A&W with me, then we get some. Ooooo... haven't been to the PJ one in ages (I think the last time was before I got married) :D

  7. I don't really fancy A&W. I only like their root beer and ice cream waffles. In fact, that's all I eat there. Haha

    Their burgers and fries are worse than McD. And their coney dogs are not very good either.

  8. I'm pretty hooked on their mini burgers right now. It's delicious. My son loves McDonald's just for the toys.

  9. @foong,
    Their rootbeer are the best. :)

    I agree with you, their burger are worse than McD.

  10. @Maria,
    Kids love McD because of the toys. My son is exactly the same. He ask us to eat there not because of the food, but because he wanted the toys! LOL

  11. Mine will be (double) mozza, curly & root-beer float. My son has a limited taste for Western fast-food, only like McD or Pizza. Just like his dad, who is worst, only fancy lokal resto.

  12. Waaa before you got married! That is a very long time ago!

    Where do you have A&W at? O.o

  13. @Evan's Mom,
    Your son and husband aren't a fan of western food? McD is so ubiquitous that I bet everyone eats there. LOL

    In a way, that's good too that your hubby loves his local food. ;)

  14. @ladyviral,
    used to go to the ones in Jln Ipoh (behind the cinema one) for a date: but not with hubby! ;)
    With hubby, we used to go to Sinarkota's because he always get free fried chicken there from a friend. LOL
    Nowadays, it's either Alamanda or 1U.

  15. oooh.. i am always going to the pj state last tie.

    but now i go to the near 3k :). but barely lah...

  16. Bro and I loved watching Shin Chan! hehehe that's so funny! Too boring here none of those cool toys and shows.

  17. @Ayie,
    Raimie and Zaini love Shin-chan but I myself am not a fan of the show. I guess that's because I wouldn't want my son to behave like Shin-chan! :D

  18. hahaha yes shin chan like an old man, we have a version here in U too, stewy of family guy



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