Saturday, 21 November 2009

A Day To Celebrate Academic And Co-Curriculum Excellence

On Friday, both Zaini and I accompanied Raimie to school to attend the school's Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang to honour deserving students in both academic and co-curriculum.
Raimie with his bud, goofing around while waiting for the prize giving ceremony. Chirag, who got first place wasn't around because he was getting ready for a performance afterwards. In the photo : Raimie, Nicholas, Edmund, Miqail, Thejas Nair, Priya and Kishen. Now, that's 1Malaysia for you. No need for our esteemed government to propagate about it!
Raimie receiving his trophy for getting second place in his class from the Headmaster. Job well done Raimie! Before leaving the school, we made him meet his teachers and the headmaster congratulated him again and advised him to keep up the good work. I hope you're listening, Son!
It wasn't only Raimie who got his limelight on the school stage yesterday. Zaini was invited to give out prizes for sports excellence in the field of Sepak Takraw and Athletics. Ariff (the boy in the photo) boarded the same school bus with Raimie and he kinda took Raimie under his wing. He'll be going to Form 1 next year.

With this, school holiday official starts and Malaysian school children will only return to school on Jan 4th next year. A month and a half to enjoy the holiday! We'd better make sure Raimie will not spend the time just playing with computer games!


  1. 1st!! Wow Raimie is second? So clever!! : )

  2. I wish I am a child again so that I can enjoy the 7 weeks holidays! : )

  3. @foong,
    but kids nowadays don't exactly have a 7 week carefree time. They have all sorts of activities planned out for them, what with extra classes, tuitions, camps, etc. @_@

  4. congratulations to raimie...

    well, don't be stressing the kid out even on holidays... do give him break too :).

  5. @ladyviral,
    my son? He'll be enjoying himself, no doubt. We pampered him too much! :D

  6. @wenn,
    thanks Wenn. Happy for him, a headache for his parents! LOL

  7. That's a long holiday, but they all deserve it. Good job Raimie, congrats...

  8. @Evan's Mom,

    Students worked hard throughout the year, and the break is surely welcome. :)

    How about Evan? He has a break from pre-school this year-end?

  9. Yes, he'll get two weeks holiday during Christmas and New Year. Indonesian academic year ends on June, so this is just a short mid-year break for him.

  10. @Evan,
    aaahhh so longer break for the summer hols? :)

    Well, hope he'll enjoy his two weeks break to celebrate xmas and New year with his baby brother this year. :)

  11. Great work Raimie!!! Now you can ask mommy for more gifts! hehehe

  12. @Ayie,
    He wants to go to Kawasaki, Japan again and meet his favourite Ultraman. But we were like.... eeehhhh... get no 1 next year, and we'll talk. LOL



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