Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Movie Treat : Watching Astro Boy

A treat for us, a movie outing to watch Astro Boy last week. Taking advantage of our day off which we took to attend the prize giving ceremony at Raimie's school, we went to Gardens Mall's GSC Signature afterwards to watch the movie.
Raimie was pretty excited to watch Astro Boy.
Our movie ticket. Cannot afford to watch the movie in Gold Class (RM60 per person? Waaaay to much for me pay!). Instead, we went for the premiere class at RM16 per ticket.
A pretty comfy place, the premiere class. Only us three and a family of three small, hyper-active, cannot sit still kids in the cinema hall. Apart from interruptions from the kids that seemed to have no restraint whatsoever, we enjoyed our movie outing very much.

Raimie was so comfortable, he watched the movie just like he was watching one at home; curled up in our seats with his head perched on my shoulder so that he can see the screen. No popcorn or drinks bought. We were too full from our lunch at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant earlier.

How was the movie? It was a lighthearted and fun movie and if you don't have high expectations about it, you'll enjoy it.

The storyline does deviate from the original anime so don't expect anything remotely similar to the anime you've seen and love. Raimie loves the part where Astro realized that he has guns in his butt. LOL

Wonder when will be our next movie outing?


  1. Those seats look so amazing and comfy. I'm dying to take my son to see Astro boy but he's not very quiet in movie theatres.

    Thanks for visiting.

  2. @Maria,
    Those seats were indeed comfy.

    This was actually the first time since the movie Herbie Fully Loaded( yeah, that long ago), that my son went to a cinema. He's quite active, and we don't really relish the fact that we'll be disturbing others who are watching with him being curious and naughty in the cinema.

  3. kalau i nak bawak my 2 kids kena make sure betul-betul they watch the movie.. kalau tak panggung tu mcm panggung dorang..haru biru...

    btw best tak citer dia?

  4. @yatie,
    OK lah... Utk budak2, I think they will enjoy the movie. Kelakar ada, sedih aje. Mixed lah...
    Pegi GSC signature, I think nak buat panggung sendiri pun takpe, kalau weekdays. Untung2, takde orang lain dlm panggung tu! :D

  5. Hi Lina! Astro is my brother's favorite but this one I am not sure if I can keep myself not ecpecting too much since I really watched every episode when I was a kid. I even had a turn off when i heard astro's voice =(

  6. @Ayie,
    You are a fan!

    I guess you may be a tad disappointed in the movie. After all, it is like a sanitised version of the original. But hey! that's just my opinion. We went to see it because Raimie was pretty excited to see the movie.:)

  7. I prefer going to Gardens Premier Class too.. Better than Midvalley's cinema. I mean, RM16 and RM10 is not much different. If it means comfy seats and nobody from the back can kick my chair or somebody in my row can shake2 their legs until the whole row of seats vibrates with it (all these irritates me like mad) then paying an extra RM6 is nothing... :)

    I SO want to watch New Moon.. I can't wait! Wanna go Gardens!

  8. @Angel,
    I so whole heartedly agree with you. That extra RM is for the benefits of not being too near with other cinema goers.

    The place not crowded too, very ideal for a quiet movie day out.

    So, when are planning to watch New Moon? :)

  9. I might enjoy the animation. I am eyeing on Ninja Assasins coming out tomorrow.

  10. Love GSC Signature! But should not blog too much about it! After attract too many people - will spoil it for us! Haha!

  11. One thing I really like is their comfy seats and ample leg room! : )

  12. Astro Boy is a great film!



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