Saturday, 14 November 2009

School Holiday Is Just Around The Corner

It'll be school holiday for Malaysian kids in a week. Raimie's been looking forward for the school holiday and enjoy time at home.

Next week's classes will be just for report card day, class party and on Friday there will be prize giving award for top students. No idea yet whether Raimie got top three position in his class so we may have to wait until Wednesday. That's the day we are going to his school to meet up with his class teacher.

We are stocking up his granddad's house with board games, Uno cards and books for him to spend the school holiday. Unfortunately, Zaini isn't able to get away from work on Raimie's birthday, so we will not be going anywhere to celebrate his birthday this year. But we will have a small early birthday party at his granddad house in Raub, my hometown together with his aunts and uncles there during the Aidil Adha holiday.

Parents - what's your plan for your kids during the school holiday? Sending them to any camps? I had actually wanted to send Raimie to Music Camp and a Hip Hop Class, but Raimie was more interested in cooking class. He wanted to do some baking! But then, I never got around actually enrolling him into one. Oh well...

Going for a year-end vacation, anyone? :-)


  1. ya..will take my girl for a week-long holiday..

  2. @wenn,
    that's nice. Where are you guys (or should I say , gals) going?

    Have fun for the school holiday! :-)

  3. Wah! Raimie so nice - just came back from Japan holidays, now going to be holidays again! : )

  4. I'm looking forward to my Tasik Kenyir trip next weekend. Wonder if there'll be floods though.

  5. @foong,
    no lah... no vacation this year end. Zaini cannot take leave. We're just going back to my hometown.

    Wah, going to Tasik Kenyir. How nice. No flood kah? Zaini's hometown in Marang was flooded, you know. Anyways, take care and be safe during your vacation.

  6. Aww.. i'll be having my exams during the hols T,T

  7. @Mabel,
    exam during the hols. ooo... you are sitting for SPM? Good luck and all th4e best! How many papers are you sitting for?

  8. Wow he is interested in cooking/baking? that's great lina! Let him do it!

    Advance happy birthday to Raimie =)

  9. @Ayie,
    the problem is his Mommy isn't so motivated to cook let alone bake! LOL

    Thanks for the wish. :)

  10. Looks like you will have a baker in the house next time... I am sure there is still time to enroll Raimie to a baking class now.

    School holidays, run for your lives! All kids are running amok! hahaha! Well, I got no kids so where to go? no where go back to work...

  11. @ladyviral,
    Zaini was just telling me yesterday that we might want to consider opening a bakery in future. LOL

    Yaaahhh... run for your lives. Kids and parents evrywhere. Aiyoh, cannot even book a room in Genting lah during the super peak season. And all you parents-yet-to-be, your time will come. LOL

  12. Then Raimie might enjoy hanging around with me since I love to cook a lot =P



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