Thursday, 19 November 2009

A Surprise Present For Raimie

I got a present for Raimie after returning from school to sign his report card yesterday. It's a "cheapo" present, but I know Raimie would love it.An Ultraman Ace watch I bought from a friend for a mere RM5.00! Bootleg one lah, not ori one. Original version sure cost much more!
After buying it, I decided to wear it the whole day at the office and in the process helped my friend to promote the watches she was selling. I think no less than 5 pcs were sold after people at work saw me wearing that Ultraman watch! What better way to promote a product than using it yourself, right? More would've been sold, but there were no more stock of Ben-10 and Ultraman watches.

And do you know that I was shameless enough to wear it after work, for dinner with Zaini! The things I did that Zaini had to put up with. *^-^*

Both Zaini and I are taking a day off tomorrow to attend the school's prize giving ceremony. Raimie got second placing in his class and for the school standard one too. He didn't get any prize for best student in individual subjects because the boy who got first place in his class almost made a clean sweep in that. Nevertheless, we are happy that Raimie is doing well at school. He did get an A for all his subjects except for Art which he got a C. With an overall percentage of 92%, both Zaini and I are proud of our son.

Maybe someday he can emulate his dad and be best overall student both in academic and sports too! Lofty hopes? I don't think so. :D

p.s. Does the watch look good on me? LOL


  1. avery nice present for your winner!

  2. hahah you wore it even out for dinner? Zaini must be persuading you to take it off and keep it hehehe

  3. Price doesn't really matter, it's the thought and you knew your little boy will love it. Congratulations Raimie for making it good in school!

  4. Hey, COOL Ultraman watch huh! :-)

  5. ooooh an ultraman watch! Cute hahaha!

    she got Ben 10 watches too eh? I wonder if my 2nd nephew likes Ben 10.

  6. @Ayie,
    Thanks Ayie. We are pretty proud of him. :-)

    And about the watch, Zaini was like " Do you really have to wear that". LOL

  7. @ladyviral,
    Ben-10 watches are out of stock. They are a hot item! :)

  8. @Dora,
    It sure is cool, esp for an Ultraman fan. :)

  9. Oh no! You wear that for dinner? Zaini must have felt embarassed! haha!

  10. But you helped to sell the watch! Your friend must be very grateful to you! : )

  11. @foong,
    A part and parcel of being married : being occasionally embarrassed by your spouse's behaviour and accepting it. LOL

    Anyway, what are friends for? :)



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