Friday, 6 November 2009

Tony Roma's Ribs For Dinner

We have not been to Tony Roma's in ages! I kinda have a hankering for everything meaty at the moment so I gladly agree when Raimie wanted to have dinner there. And lucky Zaini was in a generous mood to splurge on dinner that day. :) Not cheap leh, eat at this place. Even after discount and our coupon, our meal was still about RM80++.

We went on Monday to take advantage of the free kids meal available from Mon - Wed. Otherwise, we need to fork out RM25.90 for Raimie's kiddie meal of ribs. I had mulled over going to Tony Roma's again on Friday but common sense takes over and I think I'll wait next week instead for another visit. Why waste money when Raimie can eat free right? Hehe Maybe next time, I'll get my hands on some nice juicy steak... Oooooo can't wait.
Raimie always love getting his hand on this activity sheet, even though it's the same one everytime.
As always, what's a visit to Tony Roma's without ordering their ribs? Yep, ribs are a must for us because both Zaini and Raimie loves them. For me? I had an Asian Grilled Chicken Salad - half sized, but man... even that was huge for me. I did nicked two of Zaini's ribs much to his annoyance. I need some red meat too, you know! LOL
Raimie with his dirt cup desert, eating his "worm". He just ate the worms and left the rest for his mommy to help him finish the rest. Yeah, what are mommy and daddy for? To finish their kids' leftovers.
All that's left of our dinner. We totally cleaned the ribs and salad, but left the french fries and baked potatoes unfinished. Burp!


  1. another tempting post from you, life is so unfair I can't eat my cravings! huhuhuhu

  2. I noticed my blood sugar getting high since yesterday so that worries me and to think despite eating regular meals i am supposed to take. I wonder how much more if I get to savor that nice and juicy ribs!

  3. @Ayie,
    poor you... I hope your blood sugar will drop to its acceptable level soon. Do take care.

    Don't worry, you can indulge your fave food soon. :)

  4. yeah the food@TR are quite big portion, it's yummy but it's a bit salty to my liking. It's worth going for the free kids meal as many restuarants doing this kind of promo now... :-)

  5. @Dora,
    They are American portions. Too big for my Asian tummy but hey! more food to go around. :)

    Yeah, always worth to go for the free kids meal. ;)

  6. I have only been to Tony Roma's once. I did love their grilled seafood then (that was what I had). Oh so kids eat for free for some days eh? Nice :). 6 unfinished baked potatoes?! Wow I love bakes potatoes.. I always try to finish them all XD

  7. @ladyviral,
    Haven't had any seafood yet there as we always went for the ribs. Maybe next time, I can try them. :)

    Yep, free kiddie meal Mon - Wed except school holidays & public holidays. But we got free meals for Raimie even during school break, so maybe they are lenient there. :)

    Potatoes and all the carbs! I need to cut down on them. LOL

  8. lina mana cheap place nowadays unless not comfy la...

    mkn kat kopitiam for breakfast pun easily rm 40... apa;agi tony's roma

    but i prefer forest gump nye ribs

  9. @Yatie,
    Betul jugak tu... memang susah nak cari tempat murah, selesa & sedap sekarang nih...

    Emmm... teringin gak nakgi Forest Gump. Hari tu masa gi Curve ada gak bodek Zaini, tapi bodekan ku itu tak jalan. Huhuhu... Len kali kena makan gak nih. :D

  10. what to mum, we always take the leftovers..

  11. @Wenn,
    Our household is the complete opposite. Daddy always take the leftovers. LOL
    I pick on leftovers I like only while Zaini ate most on all of our plates. :D

  12. I like to go Tony Roma when I'm craving for HUGE meals! Yummy! But of course burn a hole in the pocket after a meal there! Haha

  13. @foong,
    but cannot crave huge meals all the time. Not only dent the wallet, not good if want to keep off weight too! LOL

  14. aiyo! the food sure looks scrumptious and you're making me so hungry everytime i dropped by.

  15. @Life Ramblings,
    Sorry! Sorry! I guess better not read this blog on empty stomach! LOL

  16. Tak buleh tahan la tgk that rib. Menggoda jiwa dan raga hehehe ;P

    Specially, bile berdiet ni. Tension tul xleh mkn >_<

  17. @Farah,
    sabar, sabar. hihihi. OK apa makan daging aje,jgn makan itu kentang. hihihi

    Lepas bersalin, balik Malaysia, meh makan Tony Roma's. OK? :D



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