Saturday, 6 February 2010

Watching TV And Getting A Sweat

I sweat more ironing Raimie's one week worth of school uniforms and my work clothes too than doing a half an hour run on a treadmill. Serious!

I sure stink more after my ironing too.  Stank so much that I need to shower immediately. XD

Anyways, I only do my ironing over the weekend on Sunday and I start at 4.10pm. Why the exact time? Because that's when KBS' Let's Go Dream Team starts and I time my ironing with that show. That way I get to hog the TV and woe betide if Raimie wants to change channel.

I have only three TV programs that I watch and are non-negotiable and I have to watch them each weekend and they are KBS' 1night2Days (my favourite), Happy Together and Let's Go Dream Team. For the rest of the weekend, the TV is for Zaini and Raimie. Well, I do watch and enjoy Bleach (although they were old epsiodes) and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood on Animax because Zaini watches them too. And as you can see, I don't watch much English/Malay TV shows nowadays and we rarely watch any TV on weekdays.

Watching TV while ironing sure didn't make me do the chores any faster because I get distracted watching TV but luckily I'm not distracted enough to cause a burnt shirt!


  1. I'm the official ironing person in the house and I solved the problem of not ironing by buying clothes that are wrinkle free ... LOL!

  2. @Nick,
    Wah! I wish you live with me! LOL
    Pity none of the school uniforms sold out there in the market has wrinkle free feature. :D

  3. Three words - I hate ironing!

  4. lina, can I pay you to iron my clothes? Haha!

  5. I don't watch much TV either. Only occasionally watch TVB HK series while blogging : )

  6. Too bad can't iron and blog at the same time. Maybe I won't hate ironing so much if I can do that!

  7. @foong,
    pay me to do your ironing? I even sub-contract Zaini clothes to the laundry to iron for me! XD
    Pity got only two hands, cannot blog and hold iron at the same time. Otherwise I'd be doing it too. LOL

  8. Among household chores, ironing is what I try to avoid the most. Laundry is still fine, but ironing seems like an endless job.

    The only ironing I enjoy is... flat ironing my hair, LOL. Too bad I can't use it for clothes :D

  9. i tell u a secret :) i let mrs bb do the ironing :) if it were up to me, no need to iron lah for Benghui's uniform :)

  10. Ironing is hardwork, alright. Thank goodness for the laundry service.

  11. @Evan's Mom,
    I don't do laundry. That's Zaini's chores. :D
    And I even hate flat ironing my hair. LOL

  12. @Bengbeng,
    Lucky got Mrs BB. Otherwise either Benghui wears wrinkled uniforms or you give the laundry more business lah. XD

  13. @klhappysurfer,
    But cannot send everything to them - cannot afford lah. LOL

  14. hey that's not healthy...don't press clothes and bathe right away



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