Fire Drill, Sort Of...

There was a fire drill at the building I work in on Friday morning. Of course, this being a fire drill; one has to go down using the stairs to go to the designated assembly area. But if you think I'm going to go down 32 floors using the stairs (fire drill or no), think again! 

By the time the fire marshalls went around each floor checking for the floors' staff, I was already safe and sound having breakfast at Pappa Rich.
Two soft-boiled egg and a slice of bread with a glass of iced kopi to give me energy afterwards. What makes this breakfast nice was that it was a treat from someone. Thank you! 

When we were sure everybody was already assembled did we sauntered to the designated fire drill assembly area. So "naughty" of us, I know. Hihi
First order of business - making sure the fire marshalls took our attendance despite being half an hour late. LOL
The "survivors". Not a big turnout because most people are already on their Chinese New Year leave. 

Anyways, for those celebrating - Happy Chinese New Year.


  1. That's the perfect way to spend a fire drill, by going to Papa Rich ... LOL!

    Happy holidays and I have a post about good food service coming up soon, no more bitching about Jom Bali ... LOL!

  2. Hahaha so naughty... I'll probably do the same ;)
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. @Nick,
    You have a great holiday too! :)

    @Evan's Mom,
    You too dear!

  4. adoi laaaa ko bad... sangat nakal tau !!

    eh cemana selsema, udah lega blom? rajin2 makan ubat naaa..

  5. Hi Lina!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy CNY and enjoy the long holidays :D

  6. I miss these fire drills. :)

    Happy Chinese New Year!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!
    Wishing every one a great Tiger year ahead!

    Happy Valentine's Day too!

  7. @Dot,
    selsema baik sebab dpt jadi singa laut terdampar kat tepi pool. Muahaha!!!

    kalo ko ada sekali kat ofis aku, aku jamin kita dua-dua hilang time fire drill. Tak gitu? Muekeke

  8. @Nessa,
    and to you too. Enjoy the long weekend. :)

  9. @ECL,
    and to you. Have a great celebration! :)

  10. wow a nice treat for a breakie =)


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