A Three Day Weekend

We enjoyed a three day weekend from Jan 30 - Feb 1. Monday was day off for us because of the Federal Territory day. Wohoo! And pretty soon, another long weekend because it's Chinese New Year holiday and we'll have a four days off from Feb 14 - Feb 16. Sweet.

Did nothing much but it was a rather enjoyable weekend. I didn't just vegetate in front of my notebook for a change.

Had an early morning instead of sleeping-in, riding our bicycles in Taman Botani (Botanic Park) in Putrajaya. That was really enjoyable. Raimie already asked us to take off one of his bicycle training wheels. Maybe sometime soon, he won't be needing any training wheels to ride his bike.

I still get worried about him hurting himself. It's a conflicting feeling - not wanting him to get hurt and not wanting to be so protective that he'll grow up afraid to take any risks or hurt.

There weren't many people there at the Botanic Park. Just a couple of joggers and one guy who brought his own bicycle, apart from the workers maintaining the park.

All that hard work cycling around were totally wasted after our breakfast at McDonald's. It was either McD or the Mamak, eating roti canai and drinking teh tarik. Calorie laden breakfast! LOL

Zaini cooked lunch so I got to be lazy and sleep while he was busy in the kitchen. Can't be to lazy for long though because he left all the washing up for me to do. 

Had a nice Korean meal at Ko Hyang. Ate some nice dishes - spicy squid and bulgogi that the staff recommended and enjoyed them. I bought a new tub of kimchi (we do seem to run out of kimchi faster than we run out of blended chilli boh paste in this household) and got some nice, big juicy but rather expensive Korean pear to enjoy at home.

I have a block of tofu at home yet to be eaten and had thought of making kimchi jigae but then, we ended up cooking/eating other stuff afterwards. We'll definitely have kimchi jigae for lunch this weekend. :p

Which reminds me - I need to buy a tub of gochujang before it runs out of stock at Jusco. That and some Japanese rice. We are running out of Japanese rice at home. My grocery bill can be astronomical at times buying so much imported food. :(

Then, a walk to a nearby park the other day, up on the hill where we buried Raimie's pet turtle then had some ice cream.

We also enjoyed swimming at the apartment's swimming pool. Raimie loves playing in water but until today, we have yet managed to teach him to swim because he is so unwilling to learn (he is too chicken to let go and sink in the water). Maybe I should get him to attend some swimming classes one day.

Because I can't sleep one night, I had a ball of time cleaning the kitchen in the middle of the night. The house got very clean last weekend. I even de-shelled one kg worth of shrimps at 6.00am! I always get industrious in the middle of the night. Zaini asked whether I was preparing the house for the coming CNY at the rate I was going.

Looking forward for the coming weekend!


  1. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend :)

    Swimming class is a good idea. Swim instructors usually know how to make kids become more confidence in the water.

  2. remind me about my husband.. habis masak... bini yang kena cuci...

    and about swimming.. let him enjoy the water first.. sbb kalau dia panic..bahaya....

  3. Awai nyeee kupas kulit udang!!! hehehe

  4. i had a 4-day weekend (because of replacement for Thaipusam).. and you've forgotten 26th Feb is also a public holiday, so we have another long weekend too~~ :)

  5. @Evan's Mom & Yatie,
    He does enjoy playing in water so it's just an issue of building confidence to swim. Yeah, getting help from a swimming instructor is the option I think, for him. :)

  6. @Farah,
    itulah... mcm nak masak for sahur lak. huhuhu
    I was like, I can't sleeo and ran out of things to do. Bukak fridge, ada udang so kopek udanglah kejap. :D

  7. @SK,
    No, I didn't forget about the 26th. But I am more excited about the coming CNY. :)

  8. u r so hardworking and industrious it puts me to shame. i am so tired after work. i feel the pressure to do stuff bcoz of the cny but jus dont have the energy to do so n leave until the last moment n of coz it wont b a thorough job

  9. wah, u really got the mood to do housework during the wee hour.

  10. @Bengbeng,
    when I'm lazy or too tired, I won't be lifting a finger to do anything. :D

  11. @wenn,
    this used to be a habit of mine when I was younger. I used to clean the house top to bottom in the middle of the night. :D

  12. Doesn't it feel nice to take time off from our computers once in a while?! Sounds like you had a great day weekend filled with family time, good for you!

  13. @Lynne,
    Yes it felt nice to not think about being online once in a while. :)
    And looking forward for more great time this weekend. Hope you'll have a great one too!

  14. Looking forward to CNY too, although it will not be restful holiday for me. :(

    I love kimchi and I make my own .... when I have the time. Your post reminds me it's time for me to have some Korean dishes. :)

  15. @ECL,
    I wish I can and have the time and resources to make my own kimchi. Maybe can learn from you? :)

    Happy CNY. Don't forget to get a rest too despite being busy celebrating.

  16. Btw, i hv an award for you.

  17. Ooh, I love long weekends! It's such a good way to unwind. Everybody needs that extra day off. Glad that you enjoyed yours! :)

  18. @Tes,
    Long weekends are nice, aren't they? :)
    Enjoy your weekend too, Tes.

  19. I didn't know you could cycle there? I think I'll bring the boys there one of these weekends :D

  20. @Nick,
    Yeap, you can cycle at Taman Botani. There's even bicycle for rent available but do come early because seems like the bikes are running out fast.
    Can rent tandem bike for you and wifey too. :)

  21. Feb 14th-16th only 3 days, mana ada 4 days? How you kira one ah?

  22. Cooking and eating so much Japanese food! Orang kaya ni : )

  23. Wah! Such a nice weekend! I love to go to the park, but don't know how to cycle! I think I need a training wheel too! LOL!

  24. Wow! Cleaning the kitchen in the middle of the night! Tak takut ke? Hehe

  25. @foong,
    Our wallets are thin lah foong. :D

    Like I said before, it's only the first night of any weekend. After that, OK oredi. XD
    Anyways, if I kept busy, not so bad lah because I don't need to keep glancing behind. Heee...

  26. @foong,
    Count Feb 13 oso get 4 days lah. Hihi
    I put Feb 14 only because CNY hols start that day.

  27. jusco I like to shop there too :)

  28. hefty meals for the family! nice bonding time


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