Thursday, 12 May 2011

Dinner Over At Pasta Zanmai

How long was it since we last had dinner at Pasta Zanmai? Well, not long as we somehow always managed to eat there at least once a month!
One of my fave - bubbling hotate spaghetti kimchi or something (hotate = oyster)
the above comes in a set with this torii kara age (fried chicken) and garlic fried rice. I ate the fried rice but Raimie and Zaini helped finish off the fried chicken. I don't really fancy chicken. I'll eat them, if we go to KFC but it's not something I prefer.
Raimie opted not to eat omuraisu this time but chose a hamburg instead. He finished everything and was eyeing for my oyster. He got two of the three oysters in my bowl! What Mom can resist when their children making puppy eyes over some food? XD
Zaini loves his curry, even the Japanese version. Here, he ordered the ebi fry curry set
and the set comes with a bowl of miso and salad topped with creamy sesame dressing. That salad was mine to enjoy and its yummy!
Wanna try a bite? ^^
For drinks - we are stingy so we always ask for a pot of hot tea and three cups. The pot of tea is refillable and most of the time, the staff would refill our pot without our prompting. That's what I call service!

One of the reason I like coming to Pasta Zanmai at Mid Valley is the efficient staff there. There was a time when the management decided to change all the part-timers there with some foreign workers and service was really bad. How good can it be when the waiters barely understand English let alone Malay? I know they understand Chinese better, but then they were alienating non-Chinese speaking customers to the outlet because we would be tearing our hair in frustration just trying to talk to the waiters! I grouched over the bad service in this post of mine over at Urutora No Hi some time back.
All well and good now though. The old staffers were back and service has never been better. For me, at least. :) And we'll keep returning the Pasta Zanmai as long as the service and food continue to be good.
The other reason we like Pasta Zanmai is this. Vouchers! Every month I'll pick up a free Japanese Magazine at Jusco (you can get it at Isetan and Kinokuniya too) and inside the magazine is this vouchers to slash off your total bill when dining at either Pasta Zanmai or Sushi Zanmai. We got RM10 off our bill of a minimum of RM50.00. The staff at MidValley outlet are quite nice too in allowing us to split the bill if we come in a big group so that we can use a few of those vouchers.

We get good food with good service and we get the meal discounted too. Total win-win situation.


  1. yeah, i like Pasta Zanmai too, i think they make very nice food especially cleverly blend in Italian Spaghetti into Japanese cooking..

  2. hehe, i am also very "cheapskate", i order the green tea also because it's cheap and refillable.. and i also go for the 2-in-1 set, so that i can have a taste of more varieties.. :D

  3. but have not been going there for quite some time already.. i remember once i was so crazy about it, the record was two times in a week, haha!! :D

  4. @SK,
    You also order tea! We are both moeny-wise lah not cheapskate. LOL

    If I go twice a week, the pocket sure get "kering"/empty fast like that. ;p

    I always go for the set too and can share all around. :) And their set really value for money. ^^

  5. I've only eaten there once with wifey at Empire and though the food was pretty good, Japanese just wasn't our calling :D

  6. @Nick,
    But Pasta Zanmai is not really Japanese lah... more fusion like. Got orang puteh menu what. LOL

  7. LOL, east mixed west, interesting meals!^^

  8. @Alice,
    Interesting menu, good food, excellent value and great service too. :)

  9. The ebi fry curry looks really good as well as the karaage, which looked like huge bits of chicken.

    Japan Australia

  10. The restaurants in Malaysia employ foreign staff too? I thought your country has a large enough population to support the service sector.

  11. the curry... look yummy

  12. @Japan Australia,
    Yup, the fried chicken were nice and big. And I guess they taste nice too since my son and husband managed to finish them all. :p

  13. @ECL,
    Yeah, even at KFC you can see foreign staff. Boggles the mind because its not as if we get better service with these foreign staff who may not be able to communicate effectively with customers anyway.

    I think it all because of pay. Less pay.

    There were some reports about this in one of the mainstream newspaper. Employers said that foreign staff are better because they are more committed to their job and locals tend to demand more and may not be as loyal.

  14. @yatie,
    dan memang sangat yummy. :)

  15. Great post, Lina. Good info here as a guide and good sharing of the coupon for those who have access to the magazine. Two thumbs up!

  16. @HappySurfer,
    You can find the magazines - it's called Panora (and the coupon) at Jusco, Isetan & Kinokuniya. Great deal to cut down the bill. ^^

  17. wow, you had me drooling all over your page! the curry looked appetizing. i tried the japanese curry once n remembered it being sweet? :)

  18. @levian,
    Over here in Malaysia, not all restaurants served it sweet. Pasta Zanmai's curry is pretty OK. :)

    Don't drool too much. Otherwise, your keyboard will get wet! LOL

  19. Omg it all looks so good! I haven't been to Malaysia yet but I think when I do visit, I will be eating most of the time :)

  20. @jellybelly,
    I think you will! Too many good stuff for you to try here. :)

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