Saturday, 20 August 2011

I Didn't Slow Down This Month

I'm quite proud of myself. I was apprehensive about keeping up with my workout and my running/jogging this month of Ramadhan but I have to say, I managed to do it without much problem.
4 weeks running analytics from Dailymile
I tried to limit my running to just 25 minutes a day, but after two weeks; I really wanted to cover more distance so that 25 minutes on weekdays somehow stretched to a 50 minutes workout. It is always so nice to be able to sweat it out after a long day. 

I wonder how I will fare once the fasting month is over?

I know I'm gonna miss the pre-dawn, pre-sahur runs like what I do now during the Ramadhan month! 
A totally sweaty, smelly me; after an hour covering the neighborhood. An hour of sweat then it was time for a McD sahur at 5.00am this morning. *^-^* How much was the calorie of my cheeseburger, again? ;)


  1. You're doing excellent! And the best part is you're doing it properly by progressively getting better. Keep it up and soon you'll be doing distances and times that will amaze you :D

    I'm always in awe of anyone who runs!

  2. @Nick,
    Thanks Nick!

    And I am totally in awe of you.

    I'm enjoying the runs so even though sometimes I question my sanity doing it and waking up at ungodly hours, once I get started I feel like I don't want to stop. :)

  3. I'm guessing whatever you had for sahur = burned during the day hehe. Anyways thumbs up on the progress! Keep it up! ;D

  4. @maslight,
    Then, put back all those calories during buka puasa. Burn it off during morning run.Cycle is endless because cannot stay away from good food. LOL

  5. wow, canggihnya GADIS ni, using sophisticated application to track your mileage!! so that gives you all the info including calories burnt??

  6. but first i gotta salute to you for being so disciplined and determined and motivated!! having to get up at 4am is just impossible to me, but staying up at 4am is another story, hahahaha~~ :D

  7. i just took a 15 minutes brisk walk (at the speed of 6 to 6.5 kph) on the threadmill yesterday, and my legs especially ankles become so tired macam nak putus.. how to improve ah??

  8. so that photo's taken at McD after your run?? hahaha.. so "convenient"!! ok ok, i must print this photo out, so that next time i go deliver the prize to your office, i know that's you~~ :D

  9. @SK,
    I almost spluttered reading "Gadis" mentioned in a comment for me. LOL!

    Canggihlah maybe, not that I care much about them stats anyhoo. Kakaka

    Why? Why? Why? Gonna get another prize from you, izit? XD

  10. wow... at 4am, i'm just going to bed! @_@

  11. 'once I get started I feel like I don't want to stop. :)'

    That's real running for you, it's totally addictive. But seriously, keep up the good work, I've been following your progress for quite a while and you're heading in the right direction.

    Hoping to see you run in a race one day! You know la, the wife and me are at practically every race there is out there ... LOL!

  12. hahaha, i called you makcik then kena scolded so i better call you gadis lah, haha!! hehe, no lah, just in case you are the winner later.. but still got two more months to go~~ :p

  13. An hour of sweat then it was time for a McD sahur at 5.00am this morning
    *ECL falls off chair*
    hahahahaha .....

  14. Like that how to keep healthy and excess weight off!? :P

    I'm also like that. :D

    Hi 5!

  15. @merryn,
    Before I started going crazy about putting on my running shoes, I oso almost always go to bed at that time during weekends!

    Changed myself now just so that I can run in the morning. ^^

  16. @Nick,
    There is one you are not joining, if I am not mistaken. The Malakoff race in Dec. I was almost swayed in entering since it doesnt look to intimidating to me but it is just 4 days after I came back from our yearly 2-weeks vacation. I am so gonna be out of shape! @.@

    Anyhoo, put it down to low self-esteem but I am not looking forward to be to noobs to a race completely alone. Need to find a partner first. ;p

  17. @SK,
    Kakaka.. can never win with me, eh? ;p

    Aiyah! Still got 2 more months of spamming to win anything!!!!! Im slowing down though... life too hectic nowadays. :(

  18. @ECL,
    Canot lose weight lor... but maintain weight. Put on and burn.... Put on and then burn again. Repeat cycle endlessly. Hahaha

  19. The Malakoff route is a loop and I absolutely hate races with loops. Some more that Malakoff route got one killer hill that you have to do twice lagi ... LOL!.

  20. @Nick,
    You know what I scared of? The hills to Tugu Negara, as in the Siemens race route. Sure pancit! LOL

  21. Lina, as crazy as it may sound, I love those hills! LOL!

    I did the Olympic run and Asian Masters there and was sprinting up the hills with people looking at me like as if I was mad ... hahaha!

    I love that route, nice and scenic with trees and all that, well except for the Jalan Duta stretch la, too busy over there.

    Come join the Siemens run la, wifey and me will be there so you can run with us.

  22. @Nick,
    Siemens run close for registration already lah. xD
    Cannot be a bandit runner! ^^!

    I think one of these day, I might just try out the route and see how I fare running it. (Instead of being in a race). xD

  23. After the run then makan McD?! Wah! All the calories you lost now you gain back? Hahaha!!

  24. @foong,
    Loss and gain. OK what. At least confirm dont get fat! LOL



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