Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Pressed For Time, But I'll Do It!

A mere 25 minutes. That’s all the time I have for jogging on weekdays during this fasting month.

I initially thought of running in the morning, after I finished cooking in the morning and before eating my “sahur”. I did wake up at 4.00am a couple of times to do just that. But then, it is much more eerily quiet at 4.45am than at 10.00pm. There are still cars coming in and out and people returning  home even at 11.00pm but not many are up and about at 4.00am!

My friends asked me why I still insist on running during the fasting month. Because... knowing me, if I stop for a month; it’ll be soooooo hard for me to start again once fasting month is over. Heck! There is a chance I won’t start again. I sure don’t want that to happen. o.O Also, I get antsy when I don’t put on my running shoes. All that excess energy. ^^!

I am such a slow poke when it comes to running so I am happy if by the end of this month I can do 4K in 25 minutes. Anyway, 25 minutes of running, 4 times a week is better than nothing. Right? Maybe someday in the not so distant future, I can improve on my pace, up my stamina and finish 5K in that amount of time without fainting. Someday. *^^* I like having goals, but I am realistic in setting them too. ;p

I did however woke up really early on weekends and do morning rounds. I was really  touched that Zaini was willing to drive me all the way to Putrajaya and waited for me for an hour to finish my run so early in the morning last Saturday. I feel safer running alone in Putrajaya than around my own neighborhood. And for my husband - what he was willing to do for me, even though he is not interested to join me - if that's not love, I don't know what is. *^-^*


  1. Yes, it's really creepy to run at 4am. I did some training around March-April earlier this year and eventhough I went with a guy friend of mine, it's still creepy. Coz you get people honking at you, bikers and lotsa misc people saying hi to you. But like you, I can't stand not doing any form of exercise during fasting month, heck, I nearly went for a jog yesterday after work but my friend had to stop me coz I'm not fully recovered yet.

    Oh well. Anyways, all the best. Keep it up!

  2. 4am does sound quite spooky and it's better to be safe than sorry. Good thing you've got a caring hubby to drive you for your runs :D

  3. @maslight,
    Yeah, totally creepy. Even at 5.00am pun still creepy. @.@

    But knowing that my hubby is somewhere near, waiting for me helps. That and the fact no one was around (or maybe even awake) somewhat helps too.

    Anyway, worse come to worse; if I want to jog early, I do it around my apartment. 10 loops around it, under the watch of the guards easily make 10K. ^^

  4. @sriyany,
    I haven't been out at 4.00am. If I do, it's just around my apartment; which currently I've been doing loops at night.

    And actually, by 5.00ish, there are a lot of people around the neighborhood walking/jogging up the hill beside my apartment already. :)

    Of course safety is the utmost importance but sometimes, when the craziness takes over, I really want to just put on my running shoes and run from my house to the nearest McD outlet for sahur! LOL

  5. Hooked on running I see :D Good for you! I can so related to getting antsy if I don't run these days.

    You're doing fine. You have some pretty good 9K/10K times. Just keep it up progressively and you'll notice you get faster and faster each time.

    A big kudos to your hubby for driving you all the way for your runs.

  6. i know how that feels.... i stopped swimming for a week... and here i am getting lazier... haha!

    Then again.. maybe I might go today... but after goingback to Malaysia so tiring... I feel like sleeping early T^T.

  7. @Nick,
    Totally hooked! I blame you! LOL Kidding. ^^

    Yup, hubby is so nice driving me around for my runs, like this morning too. :)

    I am definitely looking forward to improve my pace. Then, I can cover more distance in that same amount of time. But problem is, when that happens gotta go and find other routes to cover! XD

  8. @LV,
    Came back to Malaysia for a short break? :)

    Haven't been swimming either, myself. Once didn't go to the pool, then lazy going there already. ;p

    So, will you go back and visit to the pool soon? :)

  9. You run in Putrajaya? I can never think of a better place to run than that area... especially in the mornings... Spacious area, quiet, not congested, clean and all the good stuff... just been there a couple of times in 2007...maybe so much has changed already...:(

  10. Good luck with your goal... From the sound of it, it seems that you are already doing very okay and that you are very determined.

  11. @Webbielady,
    Only on weekends. And usually I do it at one of the many parks there while hubby & son play footie. :)

    Yes, it is a really nice place to run especially long distance. The sidewalks are convenient and make it safe for runners, jogger and even cyclists. :)

  12. @Exploration,
    I need something to stave off boredom and jogging is an easy way to do it. ;)

  13. Hey, my earlier comment (posted yesterday) disappeared! Spooky! See what happens at 4am? LOL! Thisssss iissssss tthe sssseventhhhhh lunar monthhhh...heheheh.....

  14. @HappySurfer,
    Blogger was down earlier,right? Maybe that's why comment gone.

    You guys have hungry ghost but for us, during Ramadhan, all ghosts kena chain; cannot go out. xD

  15. wow, waking up at 4am is really a tough task for me!! i used to wake up at 5:30am so that i can go to gym before work, but still my perseverance cannot last long, haha~~ :D

  16. but i think you are good!! setting goals and will do anything to achieve that!! 4 times a week, 25 minutes run a time, that is call discipline!! :)

  17. kudos to your hubby to sacrifice his sleeping time to send you for jogging.. :)

  18. @SK,
    Lucky when I went to gym last time, I had to wake up at 6.00am and arrive there at 6.30am. Anything earlier than that, I think I cannot persevere too.

    I wake up at 4.00am only during fasting month. It's hard, every day is hard but thinking that my son is fasting and he needs to eat, I drag myself out of bed. ^^!

    You know what my hubby told my son about sending me off early in the morning? He had to do it because otherwise, Mommy would have nowhere to channel all her excess energy. Then, she will disturb both husband and son and not let them sit quietly in peace at home. Sure have to do something one! LOL

  19. Lina, your commitment is admirable! I do agree it's hard to get back to any exercise once you stop for a while :)

  20. @jellybelly,
    That's why I rather not stop. For years, I'd have problem starting on my exercise regime after the fasting month. So this year, I'm not stopping just because I'm fasting. ^^

  21. Salute, hat off!!! You still manage to jog suring puasa... while me still loitering at home wihout any exercises, tsk tsk!

  22. @Alice,
    Its not that hard. ^^

  23. WHoa! So nice got a supportive hubby : )

  24. I think running 25 mins 4 times a week is good enough lah, I also don't run that much! Haha!!

  25. I also prefer to run in the park than in the neighbourhood's padang. The views are nicer in the parks too : )

  26. @foong,
    Yeah, lucky me got supportive hubby. Even though he doesn't join me but he totally is there for me. ^^

    So which park you go nowadays, still Bukit Kiara? :)



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