Tuesday, 27 November 2012

No Transmission...

Can't even seem to force myself to update my blog with a recycled photo. Brain kering. Can't even seem to muster the energy to reply to the few comments you guys made in the previous post. I'll get around it soon. Promise. Next week, perhaps?

Or maybe I'll perk up after Saturday race. I "accidentally" registered myself to a short 7.8K race at Uniten on Saturday. It's for MAKNA cause. For charity. Plus I get to meet fellow female runners whom I only know online so far.

So yeah... maybe see you back here on Saturday? I hope I'll get some motivation to spam people (other than SK, that is) soon. Sorry guys I haven't been visiting much!

Friday, 23 November 2012

School Holiday

Almost two weeks into the year-end school holiday and about 6 weeks left. Raimie is enjoying the holiday to the max. Plus, in a week's time - he'll celebrate his 10th birthday. He has just one request. A new pair of running shoes. *happy*

Since we are not much of a go-getter or high achiever, the school holiday is of course a very relaxing time for the boy.
doing a whole lot of this
plus this, his favourite past time which most of the time results in him making a royal mess around the house. But hey! Can't restrain creativity, can we? ^^ 

p.s. he was experimenting with stenciling technique when I took this photo of him.
but not much of this. I still made him do at least ONE revision per day and its not without a struggle. Gah!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Not really too giddy over the beach in Penang. We went to the beach but just for a stroll. No swimming, no para-sailing, no boat riding or whatever. Definitely no censored-type activities or sexy, eye-popping beach wear! LOL

Missing Terengganu beaches a lot. We should make an effort to return to Zaini's hometown more often. huhuhu
Guess who I thought of when I saw the coconut trees? Pity Zaini & I didn't go running around those trees! That would be a sight! Hahaha
Taken in front of Queensbay Mall.
Beach strolling, while fully clothed.
and watching the sunset

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

3D2N On An Island

On an island famous for its food. Where we went to because Mommy at the last minute (almost last minute) decided to run on its bridge and dragged the family along... to Penang. Making Daddy drove for 5 hours to get there. Pity the Daddy! hahaha

Nothing funky was eaten. Didn't go all crazy eating too. It was pretty much a relaxing 3D2N trip without too much excursion or gastronomic adventure. Blame the weather! It was too darn hot to walk around. @.@

We arrived on Saturday and had this for lunch, at Queensbay Mall.
Nothing to shout about. Small portions but it's Japanese and we chose it because Mommy didn't want to have an upset tummy running on Penang Bridge at 3am the next morning. No curry. Nothing spicy. Definitely nothing gassy either.
 Char koay teow for dinner
Got a little bit peckish that night, so had a packet of fried beehun too. Beehun for Daddy too and Raimie had a packet of Nasi Lemak for his supper. Mommy went to sleep at 9.00pm, woke up at 10.00pm, continued her sleep until 12.45am. Woke up, got ready for her run and Daddy drove her over to race site at 1.30am. Crazy. Hahaha

On the second day, it was Nasi Kandar time!
Om nom nom... went to Nasi Kandar Line Clear a bit early to avoid the lunch crowd. Saw plenty of runners/marathoners wearing their finisher t-shirt enjoying their lunch there.

Walked around for a bit but Son got grumpy for having to deal with the heat (it was a super hot, sunny day) so to placate him, we had gelato. Sitting outside, enjoying the breeze and vehicles fume.

We went to Batu Ferringhi in the evening,

and had laksa for dinner. Son insisted on eating them.

and on the last day, 
Squid and fish head feast! OMG! They are so delicious.

I think we bumped into Massy after having this lunch and while walking towards Pasar Chow Rasta to buy our jeruk. Sorry didn't notice you until you already passed us, Massy! Actually, the funny thing is - I looked at your friend and thought he looked familiar! Alamak! This auntie looked at the guy but didn't notice the girl! *facepalm*

Next visit to Penang - hopefully in 2013. Running on a new bridge, hopefully. ^^

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Running On Penang Bridge

I didn't sign up for the Penang Bridge International Marathon when it opened for registration. One - it's in Penang and both my boys showed complete disinterest of visiting the island. Second - I'm wary of joining what is billed to be the biggest marathon in Malaysia. Reading the previous year's report about the race didn't help either. 

But somehow, we went to Penang and I ran on Penang Bridge. It was this post that made me excited to do the half-marathon there, after all; and only two weeks after doing CICM Responsible Care Run and with a foot that I can barely walk with. Crazy much? Yeah, well... I never said I'm sane or rational. heh heh

So the drama started two weeks before with me downing 4 different medicines just so I can walk. I actually had seriously considered to DNS this race too (I already DNS World Diabetes Fun Run last week) but then, I made a commitment to run with this bib and I also already paid for my hotel.
Taping the foot with KT Tape helped a lot. Thank goodness RSH at Mines stocked them up! Blardy expensive but what to do? No point whining to Zaini. He told me - no excuses. Either I don't run or I stop whining about whatever timing I do for the run. Yeah, another abysmal timing for a half-marathon. No matter. I had fun.
Minutes before the flag-off for Women. 

I chose to start way at the back and was among the last runners out for half-marathon. I usually don't really mind starting at the back but man, kinda regretting the decision to do it at PBIM. There were walkers hogging up the two lanes barely 200m from the start line! You ladies are supposed to do 21K and you were already walking????

Anyway, the huge half-marathon crowd kinda dictated my pace. Can't really zig-zag to pass people. Way too crowded and it'll take too much effort. Plus, it was way too hot! No wind/breeze even on the bridge, until perhaps after we got downhill and I actually wished for rain. No rain despite the weather forecast of rain at 4am.

There were water stations and first aid station at like every 2KM so hydration wasn't an issue though I do have issues with the organisers giving of a 500ml water bottle instead of pouring them in cups. Way too much wastage.

Trouble cropped up at KM10 when I felt a stabbing pain in my foot. Where are the first aid station when I need them? Was hoping to get it sprayed but from the KM12 onwards, all the first aid stations only had ice. Though kudos to the volunteers (St John Ambulance) for their diligence in helping out runners. I stopped at all the stations but didn't get the ice packs. I guess I kinda waste time there. I only got my foot sprayed at KM18 or so.

It was around KM11 that I saw Millie and at around KM13 that I met Nannoor. We chit-chatted a bit and ran together for a few KMs too. It was nice to have someone pacing me. ^^

The last 2KM of the route saw a huge crowd choking up the street so I ran with the crowd. Same case on the bridge, on the inclines so unless you are a particularly fast runner; you get sucked into the slow moving crowd too. All I can say - padan muka me! Kakaka

I slowed down significantly (slower than my already slow run) at the final stretch to look for Zaini. Must look for hubby. Must have photos taken by him. Slow down. Wave wave here and there. Screw sub2:40 run! Muahaha
As you can see, it was still dark when I finished the run. We started at 3.15am. I made Zaini woke up at 1.00am to send me over to the race site. *love him*

We didn't head straight to the hotel after the run and instead lingered at the race site, watching full marathoners arriving. 
 A sub5:15 marathoner had a cramp and Zaini came to his aid. It was after Zaini helped that the volunteers realised that the runner needed help and came running to help. Not wanting to find fault with them as they were helpful, but they were too pre-occupied looking at 10K runners.  Some of them should be stationed to watch out for full marathoners. Actually, they need to put more supporters too for the full marathoners instead of everyone cheering for the 10K runners at this roundabout. These people had done 42K! Cheer lah lebih sikit for them.
We waited around, clapping and hooting to all full marathoners that passed until this guy came along. Yeah, we waited for Neoh. ^^ He's looking good considering that he not only did a full marathon but he only flew over to Penang the night before, which meant he flew, he arrived and he ran! Wow.
The full marathoners may have a dedicated finish line for them, but just look at the crowd that they had to contend with before arriving to the last 500m to finish. Super duper damn crowded. And when Zaini took this photo, 6:00hours pacers had just passed by.
My finisher medal. I'm going to be a good girl and have only 1 race for December. A 25K run littered with hills. hohoho

All in all, it was a good race. The organiser efforts to cater to runners' needs was commendable. A bunch of thank yous to the volunteers who lost sleep this weekend for us. Their support were awesome!

Penang and Penang people - thank you for your hospitality. :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012


In a few hours' time,we'll be on our way up north to spend 3 days 2 nights on an island called the Pearl of the Orient. 

Raimie's mommy made a last minute decision (with a kind donation of race kit from a generous doctor in Taiping) to run on this bridge at 3.15am this Sunday despite her initial resistance to even do it. (Legs somehow got itchy wanting to get a few more 21K runs under her belt).
We'll hopefully have time to explore the island this time around. The last time we visited this Island, it was for Daddy's work and Mommy & Raimie walked around and sight-see without Daddy in tow.
Hopefully, Mommy can get lots of this too! Om nom nom....

Not to mention gaining a few extra kgs with all the good food there! ;)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Welcome To The Family, Baby Girl!

A new (Islamic) year. A new beginning. Opening a new chapter for the year ahead.

Plus, a new baby to join our clan. A baby girl!

Welcome to the world, little princess. ^^

Congrats to both the proud Mom and Dad for their latest addition. A totally delightful bundle of joy. :-)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Celebrating A Migration And A New Beginning

Today, we Muslims celebrates the first day of the first month in the Islamic calendar. The day, Awal Muharram; means the beginning (awal - early) of the month of Muharram.

Do you know that the Islamic calendar, just like the lunar calendar is shorter than the Gregorian calendar? With only 354 days per calendar year, it results in the months moving up approximately two weeks forward each year. Next year's Awal Muharram will fall on 4th or 5th November 2014.

The other term for Awal Muharram is Maal Hijrah; which means migration. The day is also significant to the Muslim community as it coincides to the day of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W's journey from Mecca to Madinah on the first of Muharram.

Celebration for the day is rather low-key and consists of religious activities, and different from the way we celebrate AidilFitri or AidilAdha. For most of the population in Malaysia though, today just means a public holiday and extra day off from work.

Today, (or rather from yesterday's sunset) marks the start of the year 1434 AH. It also marks a new start or chapter in our lives. I'm opening a new chapter with the start of the new year. If I have done you wrong in the previous year, I beg your forgiveness. Likewise, I will not hold anything against you too. ^^

Can't resist to put this up too:
A 5K running event organised by JAWI (Wilayah Persekutuan Religious Department) on 25th November. Click on the link for further details but actually, registration for the run closes today.

Since I can't stop yakking about running; here are two photos at last week's World Diabetes Day 5K Walkathon & 10K Fun run taken by Tey. Thanks Tey!
Son, walking towards the finish line. He did a 5K walk and he got a medal to boot.
His Mommy was so proud! ^^

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Of Kolam And Peacocks

First off - a Happy Deepavali to all who celebrates it. Deepavali or the Festival of Lights is the most important celebration of Hindus. Do you know that the word "deepa" means light and "vali" means a row or cluster"? Put the words together and you get - a row/cluster of lights.

And for the rest of us - it's public holiday today! No work! Woot! Woot!
I just thought I'd do a post about "kolam" or "rangoli" which is a form of sand painting art using either rice, rice flour or sago. Kolam is usually drawn at the entrance of Hindu homes to welcome visitors as well as the Hindu Goddess of fortune; Lakshmi.

The "kolams" or "rangoli" popular patterns are of flowers, lotus blooms or geometric shapes. Also, peacocks are often depicted too.

The peacock is the national bird of India and is related to Hinduism as the vehicle of Lord Muruga. That's why you see peacocks are featured extensively in Hindu culture.

Now... where's my murukku? ^^

Monday, 12 November 2012

Random Makan Post

Tosai for breakfast. A once a week treat, on the weekend with a big glass of teh tarik. Ooooo bliss but I'll definitely feel heavy after that big glass of teh tarik.
Dry pan mee, the halal version with minced chicken instead of pork. xD Dry pan mee for Mommy and Raimie and Daddy likes his soupy ones.
Steamed siakap with lime and chilli. Looks pretty tame but packed a punch. Spicy.
Last visit to Tony Roma's before the school holiday and makan kambing! Lamb ribs lah... Their lamb ribs are really nice.

No Tony Roma's visit for us during the school holiday because school holiday means no "kids eat free" promotion. Muahaha!!!!
A baby full moon pack. The ang ku kuih is there. So is the red eggs. The rest : trendy cheese & fruit tarts. I kinda miss the pulut kuning and curry chicken though. And I'm not alone!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Walkathon And A Makanthon Too?

First thing, let me just say how proud I am of Raimie.

Sunday, Nov 11th is the World Diabetes Day 5km walkathon and 10km fun run was held. I registered myself for the 10K run and for Raimie & Zaini; 5K walkathon. It ended up I had to sit out from running this event due to injury... uhuhuh so, I decided to take over photography duties from Zaini and let the boys have fun.I wish I was running too but I consoled myself that I have a bigger fish to fry next week. Be patient, legs.
Walking towards the Starting line from somewhere near Lake Garden. This stretch of road will be full of tours buses parked by the roadside (and Chinese tourists by the look of it) later in the morning.
All smiles and almost time to be flagged off.
5K Walkathon being flagged off. No photos of 10K starting because well, we arrived 20minutes after 10K started and 10 minutes before the walkathon to start.
Mommy tried to capture runners and walkers in action, while waiting for her two boys. The photos are up over at FB.
Then, got a call from Daddy that they were arriving and Mommy ran towards them and take this shot. Then, Daddy head over to his finishing area (Men Open) while Mommy ran in front of Raimie as he walked towards his finishing area (Boys 12yrs and below).
Raimie and his cetificate of completion and... a limited medal to boot! Woot! Woot!
Proud son and his equally proud daddy. Mommy is totally happy too.
Then, time to head off to redeem their goodie bags and most important at any sport venue:
drink MILO!
Raimie's Top 100 finisher medal and certificate

We can't go to the Terry Fox Run that was held at Padang Merbok at 9.00am because we needed to rush to Bangi. We went to FIL's house to shower and get ready, and with FIL travelled to Bangi to go to a relative's wedding.
After dropping off FIL back home afterwards, we drove over to Setiawangsa for Zaini's ex-colleague's wedding.



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