Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nature Walk, City Syle. Revisit. Longer Trek.

Well, not exactly trekking. Just walking.
3.5 hours of leisurely stroll; looking, touching, sniffing and even licking at interesting stuff. We walked 8km two weeks ago (blog post here) and decided to explore further this week and did 5km extra. 13km.

We started from our usual starting point, parking our car at the usual spot at Taman Canseri. From the usual route, after around 3km, we decided to check out route nearby the P15 apartments;
No car parks here unless you park at the apartment blocks nearby.  Despite close vicinity to housing area, not a single soul was seen here.
A bit of steep climb here.

Then we decided to check out a camping site. The entry point of the site makes it look like its un-enterable... (if there's such a word)
This part of the route was so uninteresting that Zaini turned around  and asked whether I want to continued on. We did...
and saw a route. TERUS!
Some of the trail. Nice. Pity it was so short.
It become "jalan mati" or the end of the road here :
We turned back and decided to hit another trail :
Head over to "Pokok Buah-Buahan Nadir" or Indigenous Fruit Trees section for more trail action! Baby trails la...
 But first, a look at civilisation nearby. heh heh
 Can you see something on the tree?
Our bounty. Stealing three mangoes from the park. Sorry!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

In Search For A Waffle

The Daddy wanted to eat waffles two weeks ago, and off we went to Cheras to find one, one fine Saturday night.

Somehow, we ended up eating other stuff that night.
Coney Dog for the Daddy and Mommy & the Kiddo had Supreme Dog. We had wanted to eat something else but the only menu that was shown at the counter was the SenSavers (which was ONLY applicable on weekdays 12pm-3pm) and we were there on a weekend. At night.

The on-duty manager and staff weren't that helpful with suggesting the menu either so no waffles were ordered that night. It was either the value sets that we can't order or limited ala carte options. Weird...

Actually, what happened to their combo meals? Not offering it at Damai Perdana branch, I wonder?
Mommy decided to try their Cheesy Macho Nachos. Verdict? Look at it. Does it look at all appetising??? Then again, Son seems to like it just fine.

We had the other side dish that was on promotion too - the onion rings and fries. My advice. Save your $$$. Skip them.

But their "dogs" are good. That's what we always eat if we're at A&W anyway. The Coney Dogs and Supreme Dogs are unique too, as you don't get hot dogs at other fast food outlet, right? But that's about it lah...

Anyway, finally got our waffles last week, when we were en route to Shah Alam, at the Batu 3 outlet.
Again, waffles weren't featured in their menu and we had to ask whether they are still offering them. Got the waffles. The poor boys shared hard as board waffles between them but lucky Mommy had a newly cooked, soft waffles.

Well, for both visits we still managed to enjoy their A&W rootbeer in chilled glasses. Small pleasures there. Hur hur

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Play For Your Drinks?

Your isotonic drinks?

But Mommy said don't play with food! But this is too cool not to! Hah hah And this is not playing with food. But for food! 

100-Plus, the first isotonic launched in Malaysia 30 years ago; has this nifty interactive vending machine out at selected locations to celebrate its 30-years legacy in Malaysia.
Nifty new can design
100-Plus launched a "Win the day" campaign by putting out the first interactive vending machine in Malaysia. Isn't that cool or isn't that cool? *rubs hands in glee*
Perfectly harmless looking vending machine.

Can find these on selected dates at selected venues, as listed :

16 & 17 Nov
Sungei Wang (Coach Parking)
23 & 24 Nov
E-Curve & KL Sentral
27 Nov
Taylor’s Lakeside  
28 Nov
Sunway University
30 Nov & 1 Dec
Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka)
4 Dec
Inti Subang
5 Dec
KDU Damansara Jaya
7 & 8 Dec
KSL Mall (Johor Bahru)
12 & 13 Dec
20 Dec
Wisma Cosway
21 & 22 Dec
Sungei Wang (Main Entrance) & Sunway Pyramid
27 & 28 Dec
Mydin KT (Terengganu)

Missed the chance to play with the machine last weekend as we were tied-up with few other stuff. You know, Putrajaya 50K on Saturday and MWM Running Clinic on Sunday and stuff... and as I probably won't enter any uni soon or visit Melaka or JB or Penang or KT, I guess I have to kepoh when the machine is at either Wisma Cosway on Dec 20th or Sungei Wang or Sunway Pyramid on Dec 21st-22nd. 
Why the excitement? And the kepohness? What's so great about this vending machine?
I wonder whether I can some of these? Hehehe *kiasu to the max*
Well, we can log-in to our FB account via this clever clever machine and play the "Release the can" game and try to win a can of drinks. I guess, the more wiggles and tries, the more cans I can get? Get a workout playing a game with the 100-Plus interactive vending machine and then get a can of drink? Okay, what!

You know I'm a sucker for freebies. 

And I do chug 100-Plus a whole lot.
Haven't try this new one yet. Hmmm... Bila mau beli ;)

Anyway, you know their FB page right? Can visit their website also la, for more information.

So... who's going to try and win some free drinks tomorrow? Or Thursday? :P


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Indulgent Parents

It's the school holiday. Year-end school holiday.

Son has no structured holiday activities. No holiday camps enrolled. No motivation camps or anything of the sort.

Mommy and Daddy do try to make sure he does something productive during this school holiday. But then, Mommy and Daddy aren't that serious making him do "useful" stuff.

He gets to play with his computer a LOT, I'm ashamed to admit.
Though sometimes Mommy tried to make him do other stuff. Like drawing. He likes to draw. ^^
Mommy and Daddy even allowed him to play this. 

Once a week. One time. One play. Twice, if it's a treat.

We are too darn relaxed with our child, I know. Ah well...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Dream Believe Become

Earlier this year, on April 7th to be exact; a group of women (and some lucky male pacers) ran in the first women marathon in Malaysia. In this region. You could say, we ran in a historic event. We were a part of history. The first group to run in the first Malaysia Women Marathon in 2013! Don't play play!
Photo credit to CP Tan.
Ladies, remember this? ^^
Registration is now open for the sophomore effort of the Malaysia Women Marathon (MWM) and can be made through; details can be gotten from MWM website or its FB page too. Mark the date for MWM 2014, ladies. It's March 16th, 2014. In Shah Alam.

You have 16 weeks to train for it. Heee...

The first running clinic for MWM2014 was held last Sunday at Kedai Kopi in Dataran Kemerdekaan, Shah Alam and there were some very special guests at the clinic.
The training venue was a bit secluded so some participants (and even guest!) had a bit of trouble finding the place. But we know the place to go now, for the second training clinic, right? ^^
Krazirunners "reps" were there to lend a hand, along with other fellow runners. Sole sisters unite!
Avon had their reps too. They even offered free makeover that day. What? No takers?

I actually signed up to be Avon member yesterday. Hihihi
First runner to register for the clinic!
Participants started coming in as early as 3.45pm and continued to flow even after 4.30pm.

Every registered participants get a lipstick sample from Avon. Yeah, even the male registrants. 
Power ladies in da house! And one abang, from Tourism Selangor. hihi ^^

Lini Kazim who is one of the mentor for MWM 2014,GM of Tourism Selangor Pn Noorul Ashikin, YB Elizabeth Wong, Race Director Kareh Loh and Avon Malaysia Senior Marketing Communications Manager Elaine Aisyah in the photos.
While waiting for a very special guest, participants to the running clinic enjoyed some refreshments. Generous. Kenyang. If not careful, tak larat to run afterwards. hur hur hur
Ms Kathrine Switzer, The Marathon Woman IS HERE!

She actually ran around the lake to get to the Kedai Kopi!
Ms Kathrine Switzer sharing her experience.

She was the first woman to officially run in a marathon at a time when women weren't allowed to do so. In her speech, she mentioned that the acceptance of women in marathon running to her, is akin to women being able to vote. Voting means the acceptance of women culturally and sociologically; the acceptance of women in marathon running is acceptance in the physical sense. Women can do what men do. And we women has shown it over and over again! Running 42.195km is looooong. And women can do it and do it FAST too! (Me excluded. hah hah)

Simply said, Ms Switzer is AWE INSPIRING. She's so friendly too.
YB Elizabeth Wong will be running in MWM 2014 and she mentioned that she will get KJ (YB Khairy Jamaluddin, the current Youth & Sports minister) to run in MWM 2014. Plus get this... she will BEAT KJ! Woot! Spunky lady!
The mentors for MWM 2014 for those running FM & HM. These ladies are champions and podium winning runners. Stay tuned for updates on MWM FB page!

Then, after the introductions; time for our run!
Warm up, run, cool down; around the lake.

There were 16-weeks training plans being handed out for those training for FM and HM too. Did you ladies get it? I forgot to get mine. Huhuhu
After the running session, it was back indoors for Q&A session with Ms Kathrine Switzer. She also graciously signed autographs and posed for photos with us.

Some of the questions asked during the Q&A were about injuries, handling the run mentally and even running while being pregnant.

And yes, if you don't have any complications and are already active (running or doing whatever exercise) prior to your pregnancy; there is no reason why you should stop doing it. Yup, pregnant women can run. Keep fit, stay fit and maybe when your baby is already a few months old - then its time for your PB! Why not, eh?

Then it's time for group photos!
All in all, it was a great event. Good turnout. Great company. We met powerful ladies. We met a legend.

Can't wait for more that's in store from MWM 2014!
As Ms Switzer signed, BE FEARLESS!

Lets' Dream. Believe. Become. :-)

Oh yeah... a little bit more photos at FB here.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Putrajaya 50K, A Hot Run Under The Sun

Firstly, thank you to Suzie and her hubby Arman for allowing us (me & family) to be involved in this. We didn't do much, we were there just to kepoh-kepoh on event day. Well, actually Zaini and Raimie helped out. I just sat around for a few hours. :P

Putrajaya 50K was not a race but rather a supported and organised LSD around Putrajaya; for 50km, starting their run at 7am. And yes, there were crazy people who signed up for this! I mean crazy in a good way lah! ^^

Details of the final route can be seen at Pacat Adventure Team's blog.
First order of business, registration. It's important to have all runners accounted for.
Then, a briefing about the route and safety measures before the start of the run.
We can't let them off before a group photo(s) while they were still fresh, can we? Photo time! 
At the water stations.

This is a 50K LSD. Not just a normal run. Hence, the water stations were stocked up with not only water and 100-Plus, there were Coke, bananas, bread, Nutella and there were also packets of nasi lemak waiting for them at the finish line!

Arman, Suzie, Zinov and Zul kept each other updated about WS status and runners arrival which also essential to keep track of each runner.
While I waited at WS 1, Zaini and Raimie helped out at WS 2. Poor boy. Tired, eh? He slept late last night, waiting for Mommy and had to wake up crazy early this morning.

Mommy is super proud of him. ^^
The first runner to arrive. 5 hours running under the scorching sun.
A finisher memento for the runner. A finisher "tee". Got tie some more wor! Bwahaha!

Super creative, I might add. And it didn't cost a bomb. I'm sure everyone appreciate it. We love our volunteer "tee" too. :-)
We didn't stay long. We waited long enough for Gai to arrive before making our move. Sorry peeps. I gotta go to PJ to collect something that's why we gotta leave at 1.00pm.
One final group photo before we balik.

To all runners who joined the LSD : RESPECT!

To the organiser of this LSD : RESPECT!

Great job, peeps!

So... who's up for the 12 hour challenge in Jan? Hehehe

Oh yeah, some photos of Putrajaya 50K taken that day can be viewed here.


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