On A Hunting Mission

Property hunting mission to be exact. 

What do you do when you are in a hunt for a property? Me? Easy? Search for information online first before making the effort to do field work/field trip. Why do the hard work when you can opt to do an easy one first?

Anyway, I used to follow hubby around when he did his site visits to check out properties for mortgage applications (he worked in a bank, you see... as a mortgage specialist) and I really love one particular area that I feel like it'll be a great place to have a property. Either to live in or as an investment. (Don't ask whether I can afford it lah, one can always dream, right? hehehe)

Where? Mont Kiara. (my boss owns properties here, by the way)

After all, it is extremely central, just 10 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre with good traffic condition, and just 5 minutes from Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya are as easily accessible by car, both within a mere 15 minutes drive. Its affluent neighbourhood is rivaled only perhaps by neighbouring Sri Hartamas and Bangsar.

It's a self-sustainable area, with a number of malls in close vicinity.

Oh yeah! I just had shabu-shabu at 1Mont Kiara two weeks ago, after buying some running gears at a warehouse sale at the mall. ^^

Love that one outdoor sports store at Publika too!

Gonna go there again next week as I promised Son we'll have dinner there again. 1Mont Kiara, here we come!

As a runner, I can't help but notice that this area can be quite a nice area to do my morning runs too. Anywhere that I can envision me running around the area is a WIN!

And to help with the hunt, Propwall gives the best answer to my couch-surfing hunt for a great property.
Propwall comes with a claim of "We're different". That, they certainly are.

From their website, you can check Mont Kiara's hotspots with just a click. Statistics of sale and rental prices.
Some of the properties listed. Photos too.

Extensive list. Impressive.

There's even an answers page where you can post and get answers to your properties questions of the area. Or a particular building. Way cool.

Now, this is what I call getting extensive information. All at the convenience of my home. At my fingertips. A click and I get a whole lot of information.

Ermmm... Ms Ean Goon, shall we set an appointment? ^^


  1. this is indeed a very informative website with very useful information about the properties and also the surroundings, i would say it's quite comprehensive too..

  2. hmmm, thanks for the recommendation!! i think i should bookmark this website and get information from there before taking action.. likewise you said, research online first before taking the trouble to do site visit..

    1. Research smart, can avoid hard, needless work ;-)

  3. Mont Kiara, surely a nice place and also an upscale place to be, haha.. but there are lots of properties built and being built in this area, we really need useful and constructive information about the area if we are going to invest in those properties..

  4. Wah! Banyak orang kenal this now famous Ms Ean Goon! I must also make appt and meet her la to sell One Menerung.

    Propwall here I come!

    1. How about your Mont Kiara properties? Don't want to let go? ;-)

  5. Yes you must dream and move to live at Mont Kiara, very strategic location next to everywhere! Just a breeze to the toll highway and the city. Good for your morning runs and greet the handsome expatriates everywhere!

    Next time SK must conduct his blog award dinner at Sukiya @ 1-Mont Kiara... I wanna eat there with Raimie.

  6. The layout of PROPWALL is the best and user friendly. Thumbs up!

  7. fuiyo your boss property there ah...syok leh...near the office....

    1. For investment.

      Her house that she lives in is a simple double story terraced house ;-)

  8. eh got Q & A ka? i tak perasan pulak hari tu...Hmm...maybe i can post my question there

  9. You could always try a blue tent? :p


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