Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Relay

I dunno what got into me when I registered for the Mizuno Pacesetter Relay Run. 

I haven't done a team run in ages. It's stressful. Damn stressful, I tell you. Because when you run, you have your teammates hopes on you too. 

I've done relays before. One with Nick, Neoh & CK at PAR8 in 2012. One of the crazier run I did. It was during fasting month!

I also did the Pisang Relay Run but that was different. I ran with the family so it was quite fun. :P

And today, with Millie, Bro Bac & Khairi (all fast runners); we ran in the Mizuno Pacesetter Relay Run. 4 x 3.86km on undulating route. 

There were two categories. One for the Pacesetters' members and the other, for public. Prizes for top 10 for Pacesetters members and top 5 for public.
The starting line, with the first runners (bibs with A) lining up. Pretty good turn-out, eh?

The first runner for our team was Bro Bac. He completed his lap in 18min! @.@

Millie was next and she was awesome too. 21min for the 3.8km. SALUTE you Millie. Kagumzzzzzzzzz...
Then it was my turn. Adoi, saw hubby, of course mau goof-off lagi.

Totally unfit. Huffed and puffed and panted to finish in 25min. T____T

Thank you Millie for pacing me during the last 100m. Super appreciate it.
Then, Khairi sped ahead as the last runner for our team and did a more awesome lap. 15-16min? 
"Cili padi" runner. Cute and tough. 
The team, with our medals. Zaini went kaypoh at our results and saw that we were placed at 50th position. Not bad... In the middle pack.
With some of the GC members after the run. Azril, MJ & Ejah. Remember Ejah from my Putrajaya 12-hour walk post? 

We stayed around for the prize giving ceremony. Biasala. Kaypoh tak habis-habis.
Champion for Pacesetter members category.
Champion for public category.
There was a special prize for the oldest team too. This team has an accumulated age of 200+! Wow!

Then there were more prizes for the mid pack team. Team 54 for public category. Their team was placed right in the middle after the results were tallied. Can't remember what team got the prize for the Pacesetter category.

Some mystery gifts were awarded to teams placed 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and so on too. So it was like we were waiting for lucky draw prizes! Hehehe

There were also prizes for last team to complete the relay run. What a good motivation for them!

All in all, it was fun. Stressful before and during the run. Happy after completing it.

Now, I'll just try and train for next year races. *fingers and toes crossed all will go according to plan*

To all runners - congrats!

To event organiser and volunteers - thank you!


  1. Hehehe.. Good job semua.. Actually, ini larian pertama berkumpulan saya.. Memang menarik since kita boleh cheers up teammates after running..

    So event 5km sudah, 10km sudah, 12km sudah, 15km sudah, HM sudah, trail run sudah dan relay run sudah. Next year target untuk FM.. Yup, I'm still FM virgin runner *sighs*

    Thanks coz sudi masukkan saya dalam kumpulan ni.. Maybe next time kita boleh buat lagi.. Dgn pressure lebih tinggi kot, kita lajukan pace lagi #LOL

    1. HAHAHA

      Dengan pressure tinggi, next time I make sure I train - speedwork & hill work dengan lebih jaya. LOL

      All the best for your 2014 FM. Which race target for FM tu?

    2. Rasanya SCKLM dgn PNM.. Dedua ni saya lari HM tahun ni.. Prefer dekat2 je..

    3. Jumpa di SCKLM then. ;-)

      Klu buat both PNM & SCKLM Full, fuh! Back to back tu!

    4. Next relay dgn lebih laju lagi...? Oh takuutttt...haha..
      PNM lari half seronok, tapi tak byk gambar la sebab photogs ramai focus kat FM runners :P
      Thanks again to the team. Lina, I was huffing & puffing too..1km into the race or somewhere during the another incline, I was already sighing & wondering why did I ever register for this. The only happy moment during running was when I could finally hear the MC's voice on the mic hahaha

    5. Millie muka you maintain je... Manade huffing & puffing. Sub6min pace tu. Dasat :-)

  2. it's good to join such running event hehe~

    1. Yup

      Or any activity for that matter ;-)

  3. congrats Lina and your team! Yes, it's always stressful to run in a relay. Anyway, it's all about team work.

    1. It is. And you strive for more because of your team. :)

  4. Good job and congratulation on the relay! Always fun but stressful to run in the team relay. I still can remember the staircases of the Lake Garden from PAR so vividly :p

  5. Another milestone achieved, good job!

  6. Aiseh, so happening!
    Congrats on the fun outing, all dressed in black, too! :)

    I would never do a relay (again) unless it's for fun. like you say, it's too stressful!

    Happy training for 2014 events, Bunny! No train, no gain kekeke i just made that up! :P

    1. team colour tu. With slimming effect :-P

      Bunny nak retire la. *drama mode*

  7. good to have something different once in a while i guess.. instead of running all alone, maybe it's good to have a team so that everyone shares the laughter and tears and sweat together.. of course provided that it's a real team and not with self-centered teammates.. :)

  8. fuyoh!! that second photo!! HEBAT lah.. look at Mak Glam, can run and then turn her body sideway and then pose a v-sign and then smile at the camera - all at the same time!! and that was indeed a great shot by Zaini dei~~ loike!!!

    1. Hahaha

      Shows hpw unfocus I am about running and sangat DIVA instead and want to have photos. :P

  9. i loike that "cili padi" too, haha, so cute!! and how old is she?? indeed looks very tough and "don't come and play play with me" type of girl!! surely she will be even more glamorous than Mak Glam 20 years later (because by then Mak Glam already become Opah Glam dah) :p

    1. Later I'll ask.

      If I'm not mistaken, in 2012; when I ran in the PAR8 she was in it too. When she was much younger :)

  10. hey, not bad at all lah this race.. mystery prizes for every 10th placing.. and what makes it more impressive is that they also give a prize to the last team to complete the race!! haiyoh, like that i should take part in that, because i sure will get that last place prize lah~~ :D

    1. That's why they didn't announce it earlier. Like the MC mentioned, if announced sure everyone wants to be last! LOL

      But do you know that the last team received thunderous applause from runners? Because their spirit in finishing the run. I love it!

  11. That oldest team is mega-cool! :D

    1. Indeed. Uncle Francis (he's the dude) received a thunderous applause reaching the finish line as the first runner.

      Auntie Theresa (the lady wearing cap) is 70+!

      The cumulative age for the group was 275!

      Mega mega COOL!

      We'll be like them when we're that age, right? :P

  12. Well done Sis Lina, Sis Millie, Bro Bac n Khairi for your relay run... Teamwork is always the highlight here... This reminds me of my Chap Ayam Relay Run back in Feb, I guessed... Sure had lots of fun back then... U guys looked awesome in the black outfit... Macam pro athletes woo... Once again, kudos Team 55! Black Beauty ;D



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