Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Awesome To The Max : Be A Warrior And Join Amnig Run

Winners has been chosen.
I've commented in the comment section for each commentor whether they get a slot or not.
Thank you for participating. *muaks*

Hopefully, I'll have more running slots to giveaway in the future for you all. ^^

AG Lifestyle Sdn Bhd the owner of private label: AMNIG, a sportswear focusing on performance and sports-inspired, design and make for running, training, wellness / fitness and team sports is hosting a running event on Dec 6th, 2015 at West Garden Boulevard @ ONE City, Selangor.
This is the second (2nd) year the running event is organized by AG Lifestyle Sdn Bhd after a very successful turn-out for Amnig | RUN TO THE MAX, 2014 despite time constraint faced by the organiser.

This year's run event theme - I AM WARRIOR 10km Run's vision and aspiration is to promote not only running as a healthy lifestyle but also to instill a spirit of warrior facing every challenges with full commitment and endurance to the last. Also incorporated into this year run are the fun activities before and after the run too. We received many sponsors to collaborate with us.

On the event day, there will be a lot of fun activities before and after the run for all the participants.
Warm up session by E-Fitness
Warrior face paint challenge.
Taping for prevention by WQ Park

Beverage by Suntory at various interval drink station.

Light refreshments & Suntory Beverage
Amnig mini Runway show.
Prize Giving
Face painting challenge result
Lucky draws
Amnig : wheel of fortune
Speed Kick challenge demonstrating speed agility strength
Therapist demonstration of preventive and recovering of injuries.
E Fitness displaying their services.

And that is not all, goodies bag full of surprises - for starter a special design Dry-Fit running T-Shirt :

With the 4 categories opened for registration since August 2015, the event has received encouraging response from the running community. The Organiser targeted to register 2,000 runners over the two (2) distances - 10km and 5km.

Amnig | I AM WARRIOR 10km Run is scheduled to be held on the 6th,Sunday December 2015, at West Garden Boulevard @ ONE City, Selangor.

Online registration of AMNIG| I AM WARRIOR 10km Run can be made @ The Marathon shop ( / for group registration with discount register @ or email to at the following fees:
Race Entry Pack Collection
Date : 3rd & 4th December 2015 (Time : 12pm – 8pm)
5th December 2015 (Time : 10am – 6pm)
Venue : Amnig Concept Store @ 83A, Jalan 21/37, Damansara Utama, PJ.

Check out their FB Event page for updates.

Any one of you want to join the run too, with me? Indicate your interest and you might get a complimentary slot. :)


  1. I want i want to run with you lina! 🙋🏼
    - farisha

    1. Thanks Farisha.

      Congrats. You get one slot! Yey!

  2. wow , i would like to run with you at amnig i am a warrior run.
    so lets have fun and inspire others to enjoy running.


    mohd azmi. :)

    1. Thanks for the comment, gme.

      Congrats. You get one slot too! Yeay!

  3. Photo contest instagram...?? Lucky draw pastu red tshirt some more...nakkkkk!
    I haven't ran 10km race for quite a while (actually sejak injured tak lari langsung haha) so this would be perfect for post-injury recovery race :)

    1. Congrats Millie!

      One slot for you! Yeay!

      Cu there! :)

  4. Oh ya sebab ofkoz nak lari dengan you gak laaa lama kita tak run together geder!

  5. Mitu nk sangat lari dgn u sbb dh lama tak makan hasap kene potong dgn u kaklina.. Btw thx for choosing me! (Walau belum tau dpt) lol...

    1. Hahaha Betty.

      Congrats. A slot for you. Yeay!

  6. Nak join jgak pls.. Dec ni i xde run lagi.. Lgpun dekat ngan rumah.. N lg satu leh lari together2 ngan u.. U kan minah rempit skrg ni.. Tah tah i pun mkn asap u.. Heheh

    1. Thanks Hanimeno.

      Congrats. Cu at Amnig "I Am Warrior" Run. :)

  7. Nak lari gether gether ngan lejen lina... Plisssss... I want i want

    1. Congrats. You get one slot.

      See ya at Amnig "I Am Warrior Run". :)

  8. i wan2be amnig slot pliz

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      But maybe next time, ya.

      Cuba lagi. :)

  9. Who doesnt want free slot..haha. yes, i am one of those who will like to be given the complimentary slot to run and get acquainted with Amnig! 10km Amnig warrior wannabe!

  10. Who doesnt want free slot..haha. yes, i am one of those who will like to be given the complimentary slot to run and get acquainted with Amnig! 10km Amnig warrior wannabe!

  11. Who doesnt want free slot..haha. yes, i am one of those who will like to be given the complimentary slot to run and get acquainted with Amnig! 10km Amnig warrior wannabe!

    1. Would love to give you one slot but maybe next time, ya?

      Try again!

      And thanks for taking part and commenting! Appreciate it! :)

  12. Have fun being a Warrior! I am only a warrior in the eating department hee..hee... The tee-shirt is very nice.

    1. Thanks PH!

      Makan warrior is hebat too! LOL

  13. sounds a bit too challenging to me....I will only slow you down. Have fun running :)

    1. 10K only.

      And we don't need to run together also. Hahaha

  14. Wow! Great tips & have all the fun, Lina! xoxo

  15. The red warrior t shirt is nice, so cool and 'macho'!

  16. Saw the volunteers in the flashy red dry fit tee yesterday during the REPC SCKLM... Pretty cool yeah... Very tempted togo for this Amnig Warrior Run

  17. Would really love to run this Amnig Warrior Run this December, thank you



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