Geeking Out In A Delicious Way

Hubby and I had a night run scheduled in Shah Alam on Saturday and we also wanted to head to Sunway Giza to buy some method products at Village Grocer there.

As we arrived Sunway Giza during lunch, we decided to have lunch at a nearby cafe, and met up with some friends who are also fans of method products.
And we met here, at GeekOut Cafe for lunch and catching up on news.

It's funny that the conversation turned into running somehow and even Ben (one of the owners) talked about it. I believe one his friends will be running in Penang Ultra at the end of this month!
Following this very cute map which is printed on the Geeks' namecards to get to the cafe. ^^
Sunday special and a quick peek at the menu before we enter.
When we were there, it was Yo-Kai Watch Card Game learn-to-play session that was held in earnest.
While we were trying to decide on what to eat, we had our coffee fix first. Our coffees were so pretty that is was such a shame to drink them!
That comic book-like magazine in the photos are the menu and the illustration; which is also blowned-up and displayed on the cafe's wall is a commissioned art piece. It was fun to play spot-the-characters in the art piece while we were in the cafe. Hehehe

Also, we were told that a sketch of Iron Man on one of the doors towards the kitchen area was actually done by their chef. Way cool!

We actually took our time in selecting our lunch after ordering coffee and the owners were pretty obliging with our dilly-dallying. It felt so comfy here and Hubby was soon talking in earnest with Ben over the many figurines that were on display in the cafe.
Cards for sale.
A spot of reading while enjoying our meal.

But take good care of the comics and don't forget to return them! ^^

And finally, after much talking which also included me lamenting over the fact that having a Son who loves Lego and Star Wars can be rather an expensive hobby; we decided on our lunch.
 We started our meal with mushroom soup. Been awhile since I last had mushroom soup too!
Then followed with salad with sesame dressing.
Hubby was immediately drawn to the Darth Burger. He let me had a bite of the patty and it was quite juicy and full of flavours.
I had this. Lamb chop which is named Silence of The Lamb Chop.

Succulent and juicy. I like it served as is and didn't even asked for an extra serving of the butter mint sauce (I think that's what it's called). Simple yet completely satisfying. No wonder the Geeks promised that even Hannibal Lecter would change his normal diet for this. Hahaha

If I had any bone to pick, it's just that the dishes were a bit salty for my taste but Hubby seemed to like it just fine. But overall, yeah. Good food at an affordable price. Sophia, one of the owners and in charge of the kitchen was really nice and ensured we had a good meal.

I told Hubby that I'd let him have a bite of my lamb but somehow I cleaned up my plate without even leaving a piece for him! Terrible wife lah me! LOL

So we ordered another plate of lamb to share. Oh gawd. We sure ate a lot that day.
We finished our meal with an ice-cream cookie sandwich which we shared.

Disclaimer : figurines not included with the desserts. Only for photography purposes. Hah Hah
I took the top cookie and half of the vanilla ice-cream and Hubby got the bottom one. Because it seems such a waste to cut them into half to share. Hehehe
Lunch took longer than what we anticipated and it was because of the warm hospitality of the Geeks. ^^

Alvin (who was affectionately called Ah Boy), Sophiah (Geek Mother) and Ben (Major Geek).

Do note that the cafe is a pork-free cafe, ya. And the cafe closes every Tuesday and opens on other days from 11.00am to 11.00pm.

We had a great lunch and hopefully, when we are in the area again in the future, we'll drop by and bring our Son for a meal and maybe a spot of card game too. ^^

I just hope Son didn't end up ordering any figurines from the GeekOut fellas! They do sell them and can even help you get them, which can be mighty tempting for us to order. Hehehe


  1. This is interesting. I'm always in Sunway Giza. Will check this place out one of these days. Thanks for sharing Lina :)

    1. Cool.

      I bet your boys would love the place too. :)

  2. this place is very nice.. can makan and play at the same time.. and I notice a figurine is served together with the ice-cream cookies sandwich?? or Mak Glam sengaja put that one the plate??

    1. Ei... i got put disclaimer dy what. Lol

  3. nice la got to eat and meet up with fellow bloggers.. what did Mak Glam borong from Methods?? :)

    1. Buy a few stuff lor.

      How come Thambee nwver come???

  4. This place is very interesting with their unique concept. I am very amused with everything you have shared right from the fancy menu to the names of the food! So innovative to call it Darth Burger and Silence of The Lambs! Wakakakaka

    I was supposed to show up as my wife & I are hard core fans of Methods. Maybe we should call ourselves as Mr & Mrs Methods for a change as we love their handwash that has been the friendliest cleanser to our sensitive hands. Thanks to you & Mamarazzi for telling us about Method updates always.

    1. Yalah. So frust cannot meet Anay on Saturday.

    2. Aiyer.....Anay must be gone naughty naughty la since Letchumi not around

    3. Aiyoh, he may also be so baik and sit at home waiting for Lecthumy. Hahaha

  5. LOL! Darth Burger? The preferred meal choice of Darth Vader?

    I'm surprised that the food here seems good. Usually cafes like this, where the focus is on their theme rather than their food, the food quality will be not so good.

    1. Well, they do have three geeks helming the café.
      One of them is Sophiah, the Geek Mother who is the mastermind behind the kitchen. :)

  6. Oh so this is the way to eat the cookies Ice cream la. I got it wrong. so malu eh. LOL

  7. Very cute name :) Food looks good and they have very interesting names too. Silence of the Lamb Chop hah..hah...hah....

  8. Looking delicious food item on your list , I have checked your foodie and seen that that are enjoying their time with the food dish so now check my Food Network list which one people wants to engaged.


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