The Merdeka Weekend Kuantan Trip

My brother got married last weekend in Kuantan and so, everyone head-off to Kuantan for the weekend.

My siblings actually went a day earlier, on Thursday night while me and my family went to Kuantan later as Son still has school commitments and Hubby is working.

But we were lucky we somehow made it to the Akad Nikah ceremony before it ends.
My brother had helped booked a room at Palm City Villa located just across the Stadium Darul Makmur and the East Coast Mall. Awesome location! 

After the Akad Nikah, we got our room key from one of my sisters. The rest of the clan had stayed there the night before but would stay at a homestay near Pantai Batu Hitam for the next two nights.
We later had dinner at a restaurant near the homestay with the family. 
The next morning we visited Teluk Chempedak. 

At 7.00am, not many people were at the beach yet but we did see a few cyclists and even a group of runners, running along the beach.
I managed to put in a 25 min run while Son and Hubby went for a swim.

After they showered at the public shower (entry RM1.00), we had our breakfast. The local way. ^^
Nasi dagang. Yummy!
After our breakfast, we walked over to a nearby McD to take advantage of their Merdeka promo.

RM1.95 fo iced latte and RM2.50 for iced chocolate. :-)
Later that evening, my brother's bersanding ceremony.
After the bersanding ceremony, I told Hubby I wanted to show Son  my old school so we went there for a visit.

We were allowed to tour the place and I excitedly showed Son my school where I spent my Form 1 & 2.

We decided to extend our stay in Kuantan for another night and joined the rest of the family at the homestay.
Which was really nice as the homestay is only a few hundred metres away from Pantai Batu Hitam.
Children from a nearby Rumah Kasih seen collecting rubbish left on the beach.

Good job kiddos!
Later that night, we visited a relative's house and was treated to some really delicious home-cooked fare.

And pretty soon, the weekend is almost over and we need to return to KL.
Got some rations for the trip home.

As we arrived R&R Temerloh at around lunch time, we stopped and indulge in what Temerloh is famous for.

Ikan Patin.
And I got ikan bilis goreng with petai.
It's special because I couldn't get the ikan bilis cooked this way in KL. This is how we Orang Kampung cook it. With the petai shell and all.

We were lucky that we didn't experience any bad traffic jam until we reached MRR2 but that also wasn't too bad.

But I wish we were still in Kuantan. Being greeted by a hazy sky as we entered KL is no fun at all!


  1. now comes the travelogue (sort of) for Mak Glam's Kuantan trip..

    at first, i wonder why Mak Glam so "atas" stayed in a hotel instead of joining the rest at the homestay, Kak Long special cikit ke?? haha.. rupa-rupanya she joined the siblings the next night.. hihihi ^^

    1. First night lemme stay in a quiet place first lah.
      The next night slept on floor in the hall already. LOL

  2. aiyoh, Teluk Chempedak.. that was where i had a very happy and memorable Kuantan trip back in 1993 with some close classmates.. we took 11 rolls of films of photos for the short trip, hahaha!!

    Mak Glam only showed Raimie the school she spent two years in?? didn't tell him her naughty stories back then?? hihihi ^^

  3. I don't know if it is the same, but I used to have ikan bilis cooked with petai at the rooftop food court in Central Market many years ago! It was delishhhhh...

    1. There are two types.

      The red sambal ones.
      Or the dry ones like I had last week.

      Both are equally delish. ;)

  4. The nasi dagang looks good!

  5. A wonderful weekend you have. I also wish weekend would not end so soon.

    Nice shots. I want to try nasi dagang.

    1. We're halfway there to another weekend! Hehehe

  6. wah that is cutting it close to the Akad Nikah ceremony. But Janji sampai.

    When you say Stadium, I have no idea where it is but when say East Coast Mall...kihkihkih.....ppernah lalu :p

    Syok playing at Teluk Cempedak last time. We also went early . That time not many people there. Only a handful.

    Bravo to the kids for picking up the rubbish along the beach.

    1. Didn't expect to arrive for the akad nikah anyway. ;)

      Stadium so BIGGGGGG right across East Coast Mall la Meow! LOL

  7. Congrats to your brother! Very nice family photo!

  8. What a nice and warm post to share your brother's wedding and your old school. I am sure it was a happy and sentimental trip for you & family.
    Congrats to your brother on his wedding.
    I always feel reluctant to walk down the memory lane at my old school. Anay so emo!!


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