Yummy Hot Dog

Every month on the 19th, selected 1901 hot dog outlets have this promotion selling hot dogs for RM1.99 instead of the usual RM4.90.

So it was hot dogs feast for us yesterday! Zaini bought 7 hot dogs back for dinner. Yummy!


  1. wow! RM1.99 is a great deal for hotdogs...where can you get one at this price?? Hmm..must remember when I wanna have a bite of hotdog. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. That's a real bargain!, glad to hear you took advantage of them. They look really good in the photo :-)

  3. I love hotdogs. Like to put tomatoes on them and lots of relish, but no ketchup.

  4. @MBL,
    search for a participating 1901 outlet ebery 19th. (and think of me) :-)

    yes, a bargain. Thanks for the compliment :-)

    Mmmm... yours sounds delish

  5. I've never tried 1901 hot dogs before. Is it good? Maybe I should try it on the 19th of next month!


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