Durian, The Amazingly Stinky Fruit

I love durian but even as a durian lover, I find the smell a bit too much sometimes.

My Bug Life of Foodie and Travel Bug described what durian is to some people in detail. The durian fruit taste like a custard; a pungent smelling custard.

Opening the prickly fruit may take some skill, my dad can open one in seconds, but we (Zaini and me) might take a few minutes to pry them open.

Eating durian should be in moderation since this fruit is quite heaty.


  1. This is one great tasting fruit no doubt some ppl are put off by the pungent smell...I like the "red prawn" durians with a reddish hue..nice!

  2. @MBL,
    delicious to eat but annoying to the nose, esp if the durians are not mine! :-)


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