Delightfully Sinful Donuts

Mmmmm... wouldn't it be nice if I can just get my hands on some donuts right at this moment?

Just look at those donuts. Don't they look simply inviting?

Yummy, deliciously sinful donuts.


  1. Yummy donuts! We have something like these here called J Co Donuts and Big Apple Donuts.

  2. Hey..I just's Lina!! Hhehhe....silly me.

  3. They look yummy! reminds me of the caramel custard donuts I used to get in Devon. They were filled with thick custard and topped with lovely caramel icing - I'm drooling just remembering them!

  4. Ooh.. I wonder what flavours they are!?

  5. They look good but what is the green icing?

  6. @MBL,
    hehehe... you recognised me, eh? :-)
    you are my first commenter! Yeay!!!!

    I'm drooling just reading your comment. :D

    @fragileheart & dineometerdeb,
    the green one is green tea, forgot what flavour the pink one is.


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