Cigars For Papa

Zaini bought a box of cigar for his enjoyment last week. He doesn't smoke cigarettes, but he does like to smoke cigars occasionally especially when socialising. I used to smoke them too, and we used to go to cigar divans/lounges to enjoy our cigars.

That was a long time ago, before Raimie was born.

Nowadays, whenever Zaini wants to enjoy his cigar at home, he does it sitting at the balcony. Cigar smell do tend to be quite strong and it will linger in the house.


  1. We have a cigar bar in New Orleans that we love to go to. But you do stink after.


  2. @Sara,
    do you go there often? I have not gone to one in more than five years!

  3. I hate the smell of the cigar's smoke too..

    EC dropping

  4. @emila,
    Hi Emila! Thanks for dropping by.


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