What's For Dinner Tonight?

This blog is turning into a food blog soon, I think. There will be a different post soon, I promise!

What I had for dinner tonight? A packet of Nasi Briyani bought at Pasar Malam (Night Market) and a delicious RM13/slice Pavlova bought from Alexis.

The Pavlova look a bit mangled since it had to endure me walking, a ride back home in the car with Raime trying to eat the blueberries. I don't blame him. It was delicious.

And I complain I can never lose any weight! Go figure. Heh!


  1. What a nice dessert to end the meal for the night! I have always wanted to try the Pavlova but yet to get around to eating one..:)

  2. @MBL,
    it is. it's light, just nice after a heavy meal of briyani. :-)

  3. Left you a surprise award on my blog.


  4. @Sara,
    Thanks for the award. :-)


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