Fruits For Lunch

Got some lovely cherries from my Boss who just came back from Australia. A BIG box of cherries. Yummy!
So, lucky me had this for lunch today, tomorrow and maybe next week too. Raimie snootily said that he only likes Japan's cherries so he won't touch this. I tried to put some cherries in his lunch box when I got some earlier this year (during Chinese New Year) but he wasn't too keen in eating them. Well, more for me.

Maybe I should take them for breakfast too. Eat fruits for breakfast, just like Foongpc.


  1. Yummy is right, I love cherries and those look delicious!

  2. I bought a box of cherries from Gold Coast once and they were so sweet .... and cheap.

  3. Haha! You mentioned me! Yeah, eat fruits for breakfast - fruits are good for you esp if you want to lose weight : )

    Those cherries look mouth watering! Wah! Raimie really didn't touch them? He's into everything Japanese, isn't he? : )

  4. @Nancy,
    They are. :)

    @Life Ramblings,
    Aiyah, almost finish them cherries already! Sorry! :D

  5. @ECL,
    I just wait for free cherries from Australia to enjoy them. :D

    Haven't started eating fruits for breakfast yet. Too damn lazy to scour the fridge so early in the morning for fruits but I've been eating fruits for lunch. That's a start. :-)

    Yeah, he really likes all things Japanese... Give him onigiri, he'll eat them without much fuss but ask him to eat rice, have to wait for hours for him to finish it!

  6. Ooh that's great, being able to get some Australian fruits. Really fresh ones they have over there. It was good your boss took back the cherries. Now I miss kiwis from NZ instead XD

  7. wowfoong, your fruity breakfast is a specila mention =)

    we had cherries the other day too, yumyum. So raimie is being picky with the cherries, that gives you more to finish =) not bad!

  8. @Jim,
    Share some with us f you get some NZ kiwis. :D

    Yeah, more cherries for me. :)


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