View From Our Backyard

Well, actually this view is from my father-in-law's house which we are staying during the weekdays due to Raimie's schooling. I haven't been using the camera much recently, so I thought I just capture what is available for me to see daily.

The view at dusk.


  1. Hi Lina, sorry haven't been dropping by lately. Too busy with work!! This is a nice view you captured on your camera. Wake up so early to take photos? : )

  2. NIce. If u make the photos bigger, surely better.

  3. @foong,
    dusk lah, not dawn. :D
    I usually wake up before 6.00am. Got to prepare Raimie's lunch box mar...

    I reduce the size on purpose. :D

    @Life Ramblings,
    Nice, isn't it?

  4. Oops! Read wrongly! Since you wake up early at 6am, maybe you should try to capture some dawn photos as well! : )

  5. Maybe do a few snaps from the top level in Midvalley? Is it possible? XD

  6. Hi Lina! very nice sky the colors!

  7. Nice view from your FIL's house. Should be breezy as well. :)

  8. @foong,
    I'm rushing too much to have time to take photos in the morning. Maybe I can, but have to wake up earlier lah... :)

    Ha! That's a good idea. Can lah, if go to the lateral parking at Gardens.

  9. @Mike,
    Thanks! :)

    It's nice. I enjoyed looking out of the window in the evening.

    Quite breezy. Only complain, being so near to city centre, can't escape the noise.

  10. @kenwooi,
    Thanks. :)
    It is a nice view. Now, if only I can omit out the komuter train & LRT train noise from the equation.


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