Hitting The Subway

Do you love Subway sandwiches? Zaini usually ate them for breakfast before work as they are much cheaper than having one with no promotion for dinner. What's your favourite?


  1. I love Subway! Yummy! Anytime better than McDonalds and cheaper than Carl Jrs if want to compare with other fast foods. Haha!

    I normally eat the one that is on promotion for the day : )

  2. @foong,
    They are yummy but even the 6" is too big for me. Zaini is like you while I tend to pay full price for mine. :D

  3. There are Subway sandwiches in SG but I haven't tried them. I usually make my own sandwiches. More economical. :)

  4. @ECL,
    Ya, definitely more economical to make our own sandwich. :D

  5. nothing beats my homemade sandwiches.:)

  6. ARGH I feel hungry now! =) Nice...

  7. @Life Ramblings,
    oooo... can I have some? :)

    hahaha... go eat now. :D

  8. same as ramblings, my homemade sandwiches!

    i go to subway just to have something different otherwise eat mostly at home =P


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