Something In The Mail

I know, I know. I have been very lax in updating my blogs. Blame it on the strong medicine I've been taking just so that I can sleep at night -  enough to sedate an elephant! LOL

Anyways, look what made its way to my mailbox a couple of weeks ago! A keychain from Singapore courtesy of Ladyviral of In My World. Thanks dearie. Hope life in Singapore suits you well. *^-^*


  1. nice! mine is a merlion too.

  2. The key chain looks really great, I wish I had a close blogger friend who would send me some goodies >.< aww!v

    Yours truly,
    Kevin Paquet -
    Hope you'd visit back

  3. Pretty cool and what a wonderful gift.

  4. Yeah, a wonderful gift from a blogging friend. :)

  5. i also got one and haven't blogged about your xmas card, lv's keychain and a friend's package./.. more lax than you *lol*


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