An Excited Boy...

Raimie was pretty busy yesterday night. He was opening and closing our clothes drawer looking for his swimming trunks and towels and packing his stuff by himself for today.

After a half-day out with one of his aunts yesterday, he called me and asked for my permission to go to WetWorld in Shah Alam together with his aunts. Since we didn't take him anywhere at all during the school holiday, we agreed and he'll be going off soon without us.

It's funny seeing him packing and looking for his stuff because if it's a day out with us, he doesn't care a hoot about getting his stuff in order. He was so excited, he got ready quite early in the morning although I told him that his aunt will only be picking him up after work today.

Hope he has fun. Mommy is certainly no fun, spending most of her days trying to shrug off her bad case of flu.


  1. children need to have fun!

  2. reading this post makes me feel a little guilty myself about Benghui.he deserves more fun in his life

  3. I sometimes feel guilty when I don't spend enough time with my son. I should not complain if he doesn't spend time with me when I get old. haha...

  4. @wenn,
    Not have fun all the time though. They need to learn about hard work too. :D

  5. @Bengbeng,
    Fun can come in all forms. I'm sure Benghui understands. :)

  6. @ECL,
    Likewise. I don't expect my son to care for me when I'm old.

  7. Lucky him, I didn't take the boys anywhere for the holidays ... bad me!

  8. @Nick,
    Well, after your projects all done and you have a bit of free time, you can take the boys (and wifey too) out somewhere nice. ;)

  9. you should've captured his exciting must be fun to keep looking at his photo ransacking the closet


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