It's Been More Than Two Weeks!

Oh my goodness me! To think that I've totally stopped updating both of my blogs for two weeks now. I've never been on a hiatus for this long before, especially when my two internet connection (yes, I subscribe to two - Celcom and Maxis : long story...) up and running just fine.

I guess spending time alternating between watching my favourite Korean variety show, 1N2D and Bleach (currently up to Episode 195) simply didn't leave me much time to think, let alone coming up with new posts.

Thank you to those who still dropped by and commented even though a new post was long overdue here. I love you guys! ^-^

Will I be back to posting a new post regularly again? Seems like I have no life nowadays so I have nothing to write about. Maybe I need to get off the couch and start moving around instead of staring at my notebook the whole day!

School holiday has already started and MATTA Fair is on now. Anyone going for a vacation? We are staying put in KL this school holiday - have to save money for our two weeks vacation in September. :)


  1. Me too been on/off blogging lately. So many distractions in real life (busy, lazy and anything between).

    How long is the school holiday? Evan has a week break next week. No plan for vacation yet, maybe just roaming around the mall as usual.

    Get off the couch is a good idea, don't forget to share it here when you do that. Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Arggghhh, I hate the school holidays cos the boys are going to be pestering us to take them somewhere ...

  3. I am also staying in Sibu for the holidays


  4. That Hilary Clinton pic is hilarious! OMG! ;)

  5. Hilary does have the weirdest expressions sometimes. Take a walk out in nature and you'll be completely refreshed and inspired to write something. I know it helps me.

  6. @Evan's Mom,
    The school break is just for a week. Hope you have a great one too! :)

  7. @Nick,
    So, going anywhere?
    Raimie's been pestering us to go to Desa waterpark, but with the three of us down with a flu, that's not going to happen. :D

  8. @The Fitness Diva & Poetic Shutterbug,
    She does indeed. XD

  9. just blog abt ur life. it does not have to be something stupendous like u r an agent 007 or something hehe

  10. yeah surprising Lina, i know you always have the urge to blog even far and away

  11. @bengbeng,
    at the moment, the story of my life is how I slept for two days straight. XD

  12. @Ayie,
    Just when I thought I could start blogging again, something else cropped up.


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