Earth Hour Support That Went Bust

What did you do to support Earth Hour this year?

On Saturday evening, we switched off all our lights, our TV, our notebooks, our games in support of Earth Hour. But then, I guess what we did was counter-productive as we got the in our car(burning fossil fuel in the process) and went to a place that shone brightly at night.

So, unlike last year when we spent the hour in pitch black darkness, just talking to each other; this year we head out and went for a drive.

There was a funfair nearby and Raimie had wanted to go since ages. We finally relented and he had fun getting on rides and playing the funfair games and getting prizes.

But poor Raimie. The day after, on Sunday; he woke with spots on his body. He got chicken-pox! He got medical leave from school for a couple of weeks. Both Zaini and I are taking turns taking annual leave to care for him.
I know it'll be boring for him to be cooped up in the house for so long. Hope he'll get well soon.


  1. Raimie must not scratch or eat black ketchup.I know.I got it before

  2. @Benghui,
    Kicap can avoid but hard to stop him from scratching. :(

  3. I hate chicken pox. Why must we get chicken pox? But sorry to hear about your son though. I hope he will be fine.

    and what a coincidence we talk about earth hour right? Hahahah

  4. Couple of weeks? Wow that seems a long time. I only remember it being a few days when my daughter had them as a child.

    Yep, I think you missed part of the point. Glad you did some though. I was disappointed to see our house was the only one in darkness. We had everything off, lights, TV, phones, computers, etc. Hubby checked the meter and we had it complete non moving! We were off the grid. We sat out in our backyard with a fire in the pit and a glass of wine and visited. We were off the grid for several hours, maybe we made up for those that did squat. sigh, asking people to do something for one mere hour really isn't asking much

  5. I hate chicken pox. Why must we get chicken pox? But sorry to hear about your son though. I hope he will be fine.

    and what a coincidence we talk about earth hour right? Hahahah

  6. Last year we turned off everything and spent time talking under the stars at our porch. This year we let some lights on as the baby became fussy in the dark :(

    So sorry about Raimie. I got chicken pox at about his age too and it was awful! Hope he gets well soon.

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  8. i remember you posted also something about this earth hour last year... you did right?

  9. Awww, the poor fellow. Hope he gets well soon :D Chicken pox can be a pain.

    I haven't been to a funfair in years. I used to love them in my younger days when there was more of them around ...

  10. @Willie,
    Should've gotten him the vaccine when he was small. :(
    Well, at least apart from the itchy spots all over, he's feeling quite OK so not much headache caring for him. :)

  11. @Sandy,
    He's into 5th day now. Spots are all drying up but I don't think I'll let him go to school yet next week. That'll be irresponsible of me!

    I realized I missed the point - hence the title. But then, even for those who might not seem to support Earth Hour - let's not be condescending of them. Everyone may have their own way to save Planet Earth.

    I'm proud to say my energy consumption is always less than RM25 a month and we burn less than RM60 for fossil fuel each month. Little things even if it's doing something that everyone heavily promote should count. ;)

  12. @lengka,
    Why, thank you lengka. But I do rather like a different comment from you on my two blogs instead of the same exact word in both of them, ya know. ;)

  13. @Evan's Mom,
    We all do what we can for planet Earth. :)

    Raimie's getting better, but it is so hard to stop him to scratch himself. :(
    I got mine when I was 13 in a boarding school and was quarantined and not allowed to return home. That was sad... Raimie had both me and Zaini taking turns taking leave caring for him.

  14. @Ayie,
    I blogged about our support for Earth Hour last year in my other (now defunct) blog. Good memory!

  15. @Nick,
    I used to go during college time. Fun going with friends, then with boyfriend (now husband). Of course now we go because of Raimie.
    Not many people like to visit funfairs anymore nowadays. I think most people rather go to theme parks instead.


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