TKO'ed By The Flu Bug

Just when I thought I can get back to actively updating and reading blogs, I got caught with the flu bug.

I've only been to work today this week, having spent the past three days sleeping it off (albeit fitfully). Am yet to recover but I can't be away from work too long. Someone might get fidgety.

Coming to work, I send out e-mails to colleagues that I won't be answering calls today. My work does involve plenty of talking so I was pretty quiet today. No manic laughter from me today. LOL

Hopefully, I'll get well soon. I miss talking.
Poor Raimie though. He has a pretty boring week, what with the week being a school holiday week. He just recovered from a fever on Monday, then Zaini caught the bug too and finally it was me. So, any plans of going anywhere had to be shelved.

Luckily, his aunt wants to bring him to her company's family day tomorrow so I hope he'll have fun tomorrow.


  1. Awww. I hope you'll be fine soon..

  2. Ah that flu bug... Hope you're feeling better now. Your colleagues must be missing your laughter :)

    As for Raimie, hope he'll enjoy it.

  3. rest and take plenty of fluids. pity about Raimie not enjoying the holidays fully though

  4. Hope you are feeling better now so you can enjoy your weekend.:)

    We are having one week school holiday in Sg too.

  5. Rest well, get enough fluids... and I wish you do well soon.

  6. Feeling slightly better now. :)
    Thanks for all your get well wishes.

  7. are you ok now? i was off for a really won't let me do anythng else at times


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