Jigsaw Puzzle Mania

Out of a whim and because the exceptionally good service from a staff at Jigsaw Puzzle World at MidValley, we bought four jigsaw puzzles two weeks ago. I'm such a sucker for good service. LOL

Though it was kinda funny that the staff kept on recommending Japanese scenery puzzles while we were checking out other puzzles on sale in the shop. We love Japan and all that, but you won't see anything Japanese related in our home apart from our DVD, VCD collection, Raimie's toys collection and food items.

Our four impulsive buy:
An Ultraman Zero jigsaw puzzle for Raimie
A Mario jigsaw puzzle
and two of a set for Mama

I told Zaini that the one I bought for myself is to be hung in our new home. We've been talking about buying a house nearer to Raimie's school in Brickfields someday but I don't think it'll be that soon but doesn't hurt to dream from now. These two of a set came highly recommended by the staff at the shop, and I do agree with him. I love my recently acquired jigsaw puzzles!


  1. I got 2 puzzle & 2 cross-stitch yg blom hang kat mesia..but still cant stop myself from buying again...ha~~~~

  2. @Su,
    Haha samalah ktqa. Ada satu puzzle Pooh bear yg dah 3-4 tahun beli tp still work in progress. Seksa nak finishkan tang langit nan membiru... :D
    Tp stok baru tetap nak beli. huhu

  3. I just don't have the patience for puzzles. It'll probably drive me mad trying to piece all that together :D

  4. I never finish any puzzle. Last time I bought a Mickey puzzle for Evan, he was still too young to understand and I was too dizzy looking at those little pieces. Luckily our (persistent) nanny and uncle willing to finish it, otherwise those pieces will be all over the house, lol.

  5. @HappySurfer,
    Yes,they are nice aren't they? I love it. :)

  6. @Nick,
    Hahaha... but playing them can be therapeutic. Don't rush putting the pieces together. :D

  7. @Evan's Mom,
    I started Raimie with small puzzles, the ones with just 4/6/8 pieces when he was two and graduated from there.
    Got one Mickey puzzle in his collection too... but most are of Ultraman and Kamen Rider. ;)

  8. raimie has cool puzzles =) love em!

  9. Oh! Jigsaw Puzzle World! My nephew love to go there but his mom tried not to buy too many jigsaw puzzles for him cos she thinks they are expensive!

  10. The last jigsaw puzzle set is nice! So you plan to hang in your new house? Why not hang in your current house? : )

  11. @Ayie,
    They are nice, right? :)

  12. @foong,
    We usually just go to Jigsaw Puzzle World to browse around without buying anything. But the guy who attended to us was very nice and helpful I just have to buy something from him. I'm a sucker for good service. LOL

    The puzzles don't match with the current house theme. :D Anyway, it is an incentive for us to go buy a new house quickly. ;)

  13. 4 jigsaws haha.... i used to be quite a fan of jigsaws at jigsaw puzzle world like 10 years ago... dunno where my patience went. i liked their vintage coke collection - not sure if they still have it. fixed one of those. one day i thought i'd decorate my own kitchen with coke ad jigsaws.
    it was the framing part that was troublesome... do u get the frames with the jigsaws now.. or u frame them separately -remember it was quite troublesome to carry the jigsaw to the framing shop!

  14. @lechua,
    I guess we have too much free time to do all the jigsaw puzzles! :D

    We'll get those jigsaw puzzles framed separately. I guess it's OK if the puzzles are small and not too big. ;)


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