A Haircut That Made My Day

I guess I'm frivolous enough to be happy with a haircut.

I had my last haircut in January at Raymond Choon in Gardens Mall. Although I liked the haircut and the service there was impeccable, I was still pining for my stylist at Jantzen in MidValley.

I like to go to someone who I can talk (and bitch) to while they're doing my hair and changing to somebody new to do my hair is something I don't look forward to. I mean, I'm going to sit in the chair for like, 2-3 hours. I better be comfortable and I need to talk otherwise I'll fall asleep! How about you? Are you loyally attached to one person entrusted to cut your hair?

Anyway, here I was moping around and badly in need of another session of rebonding and a haircut but not relishing going to any of the many hair salons here in MidValley and Gardens Mall. 

I finally dragged my feet back to Jantzen and had wanted to book for a rebonding appointment with just anybody when one of the shampoo girls recognised me and excitedly told me that my stylist, Esther had returned.

My excited scream for her was like me meeting a lost lost friend. LOL 

Turned out she went to London for a few months to take care of her cancer-stricken aunt and not approved to take any leave, she resigned from her job. Wasn't it sweet of her to fly to London, leaving her twins behind with her husband so that she can look after her aunt?

So, I had my haircut. My hair is effortlessly straight and shiny now. It looks good even when I just woke up. It's nice not be spending way too much time blow-drying my hair into a sleek bob every morning. I can absolutely skip brushing my hair if I want to now!

I'm storing Esther's handphone number in my phone just in case and I make sure she has my number too. She better not go anywhere else without informing me!


  1. rebonding takes 3 to 4 hours.. if more customers, the longer it is.. but then being ladies, we dont mind that, right? :p

  2. @reanaclaire,
    With Esther, it's usually just a little less than 3 hours, and she does it herself, all the way instead of getting some juniors to do it. That's why I love her. ^_^

  3. 2-3 hours for a haircut? Aiyooo, mine takes only about 10 minutes but then I don't have very much hair left these days ... LOL!

  4. @Nick,
    Rebonding oso lah... just haircut usually takes abt 30-40 minutes. You finish your haircut so fast?

    My hubby's haircut can take longer than mine although he has a shaved head - need time for the design on the side of his head. :D

  5. I can't imagine spending 3-4 hours doing my hair! LOL!

  6. @foong,
    well, the things women will do to look good. XD

  7. Though the photo is in half, i still can see you. Hhahhahaha... oh yes, I stick to one barber.

  8. @Willie,
    Happy Teacher's Day! :)

    Barber or stylist - it's easier and better to stick to one, right? ;)

  9. @HappySurfer,
    Thanks! :)

  10. I had a few good hairdresser. Usually I switched if they never did a good job. Your hair looks sleek :)

  11. @VanillaSeven,
    I'mn like you too... but if I found a good one, I'll stick to them like a leech. :D
    Thanks. Hopefully, it'll stay that way long. :)

  12. i wouldnt know how to pass such a long time at the hairdresser's :)

  13. it's good that you finally kept her number in any case.

    i also don't like going to other people for my hair, quite sensitive. Now haven't really cut it since august so it's really long now.

  14. I remember having many types of haircuts and usually end up not satisfied. Now I snip my own hair :)

  15. @Bengbeng,
    By "kaypoh"ing about other people. Gossip! LOL

  16. @Ayie,
    Going for a cut soon?

    I cut my hair after I gave birth because too much hair fall, felt like I was going bald. Do you experience the same thing?

  17. @Asha,
    Wow! You cut your own hair!
    I guess if noone can get it right, might as well do oit ourselves, eh? :D

  18. I am very fussy with my hair so not just any hairdresser will do. I normally stick to my regular hairdresser when I need to do re-bonding. Otherwise, I just go to one near where I live for trims. Too lazy to drive all the way to the regular hairdresser to just for a trim.

    I read about a hair expert saying that it's time to change your hairdresser if he or she cannot answer your questions about hair and haircare. I think most hairdressers (with the exception of established salons)don't know alot about hair and haircare beyond the basics. Just a hunch.

  19. @Mei Teng,
    I won't even go to a regular (and cheaper) place for a trim! LOL

    I guess you're right. I'm lucky so fa my stylist know when its time for me to change and when to stick to the same style. She's open to changes and my suggestions too.

  20. Though you did not really show the full view of the cut, I think it's a great cut.

  21. @bingkee,
    Thanks dear. :)

  22. a little bit falling hair now but not that bad


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