This And That On J-Card Members' Day

It was Jusco's J-Card Members' Day sale at MidValley and as usual, there were hordes of people trying to get the best deal for their shopping. I went too, because I needed a new handbag badly and maybe look for a pair of shoes.

Liked one Elle handbag and snagged one at 50% off and three pairs of shoes for me and even got Raimie a new toy at a mere RM2.95 (70% off).

 A "handy terminal" for Raimie to play "restaurant" and take order with his toy. I even got one for a friend's son who also loves to play pretend like Raimie.

Seems like everyone in MidValley is preoccupied with this Members' sale because when I went to my company's panel clinic after lunch, I was informed that the doctor wasn't in. Due to no patients at the clinic, the doctor had hopped over to Jusco to do a bit of shopping!

The doctor and I had a good laugh chatting about our "acquisition" when I finally met her in the evening after work.


  1. Uh i wonder why Jusco and carefour cannot enter Sarawak. If not we will be shopping like mad.

  2. I like that little restaurant toy :D

  3. Play restaurant sounds interesting, does he ask you to play along with him?

  4. aiks.... my mom and I planned to go too.. but too bad.. they went to Thailand instead.. home alone.. and nowhere to go.. >_<

  5. @Willie,
    Maybe better still. No need to spend so much money there, Willie! :D

  6. I've never seen that kind of toy as well and it sounds really interesting for my grandchildren.

    Thanks so much for the great post.

    Dorothy from grammology

  7. @Poetic Shutterbug,
    It's a cool toy for play pretend (and it's from Japan - you know we are such suckers for all things Japanese!) XD

  8. @Evan's Mom,
    Well, who else? :D
    Mommy & Daddy had to play customers for him.
    Talking to my colleagues, seems like their kids (girls and boys alike) love to play shop & restaurants - because they played at their respective kindies. :)

  9. @Cindy,
    Aiseh, come Midvalley then call me. We can have lunch together or something. :)
    Are they gone long?

  10. @Dorothy,
    It's a fun toy and let my son plays shop without making too much of a mess drawing up menus and bills. :D

  11. Simply love that little restaurant game :)

  12. @VanillaSeven,
    It is a neat toy. :)

  13. what else to do but shopping! lol

  14. lina, neah... they were back on Tuesday actually.. i spent the few days eating paus (hahaha) and maybe that was the reason baby gained weight (oops)

    i'll call you next time when I'm home alone again.. =)


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