Makan Time At Tony Roma's

It's been months since I last joined my "makan kaki" for a lunch outing. I missed the previous outing because I was down with a bad case of flu for a week.

This time around, we decided to head to Tony Roma's for lunch.  The gang has now grown from having just 10 members to 16 by this time, but two cannot make it.

The place was quite full on Friday but service was excellent and prompt. We were served with our drinks in no time and our food came without us waiting long.  Max, thanks for the great service!

Food we had there: 

Soup of the day that came with the set lunch. Everyone was served with a bowl, even those who didn't order the set lunch (i.e. me). Those who went for the a-la carte instead of set lunch were served with free drinks too. Yeay!
Bistro burger set at RM23.90
Big stack burger at RM24.90
Fish & Chips set at RM19.90
Tenderloin platter set at RM16.90
Grilled lamb chop at RM37.90
BBQ Ribs lunch rack at 39.90. Just two ribs - are you sure two ribs are enough? XD
For me, I chose a half portion of Asian salad with grilled chicken. I have a small tummy! Actually, after zeroing at the BBQ ribs below, I completely lost interest with my salad. LOL
Last but not least, a 10 rack ribs to be shared among us.

Great company, good food, excellent service. What else could we want? 

Raimie was pretty unhappy knowing that I went to Tony Roma's without him because he's been asking to eat there for ages. Well... we'll only take him there on Monday - Wednesday because that's the three days he'll get free food! LOL 


  1. Raimie will forget soon enough :) but next time bring him along ;)

  2. @Bengbeng,
    He's not the type. He won't whine but he'll remind me again some time about it! LOL

    We'll bring him someday, when we have surplus cash to burn and for a special occasion. Eating there is not exactly a cheap affair!

  3. The ribs look delicious! Yum! But two is a little less, eh? Three would be just nice, IMO. Good food and good company always make a great team. Glad you enjoyed the occasion.

  4. the grilled chicken sure looks tantalizing. glad you had a blast.

  5. @HappySurfer,
    The ribs were sure delicious. Literally melt in your mouth one! ;)

    It was nice to get together with friends once in a while although not easy for all to be there. :)

  6. @Life Ramblings,
    Yes, happy the lunch outing was a blast. Looking forward to the next one!

  7. One of m favourite food is Western Food. But I have to refrained myself from eating them too much due to health reason.

  8. @Willie,
    U like western food?

    For me, once in a while OK but I'm not really a fan of them. :D

    I like my Asian food better. ;)

  9. I haven;t been to Tony Roma's in a while. And all that food is going to make me ruin my diet la ... why la you post all those yummy pictures ... LOL!

  10. @Nick,
    Eat steak for protein.... can what. Put aside the fries, the jacket potatoes and other carbs. XD

    I'm going again 2moro or Wed. Zaini is giving us a treat because he got his second increment this year.

    Wanna join us? But pick up your own tab lah. ;)

  11. Hi Lina!

    I've been soooo busy with tons of workloads so haven't been really blog hopping. Baby also is moving a lot more so mommy is very closely watching him at all time.

    We have yet to try Tony Roma's here. Too bad it's not too near our place. The ribs certainly's making my mouth water!

  12. I think this is #10 blog I stopped-by about GOOD FOOD so it generally means people love eating a lot, hehehe :-)

  13. I have not eaten lamb chop for ages. Tony Roma's a popular restaurant. But I have yet to try out the food there.

  14. Wow! Nice yummy food!! I also upset because you didn't invite me to go Tony Roma's. Haha!!

  15. @Ayie,
    I'm making a return visit today. :)

    Take it easy.... don't overload yourself too much, OK?

  16. @Dora,
    We love our food, right? :)

  17. @Mei Teng,
    It is. Always packed one. ;)

    Once in a while it's nice to visit but not often lah. :D

  18. @foong,
    can make it tonight or not? I'm having dinner there tonight. XD


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