Friday's Outing - Report Card Day & A Movie Treat

Zaini and I took a day off today to go to school and collect Raimie's report card. Although we didn't need to because Raimie's school is quite near to both our offices and it took just a few minutes meeting up with his class' teacher, but what the heck. I've been wanting to take a day off anyway...

Although his teacher had no problem with him in class and has high expectation of him to do well each exam, she did mentioned that Raimie does love to chat in class and sometimes lack concentration to follow teachers' instruction. I'm afraid Raimie really does inherit a lot of his Mommy's bad traits! He'd be disciplined and meticulous if he is like his Dad! Though lucky Raimie, like Mommy has a good brain. ^-^!

It was rather nice to know Raimie still maintained his no. 2 spot for Standard 2 classes. We were rather worried his placing would drop because he didn't get a good result for his Malay Language papers. That and the fact he missed quite a number of days from school because he had chicken pox earlier this year. He got As for almost all subjects, even 100% for Arabic except Malay Language papers. He only got a B (76% & 88%) for them! I was like, "Are you a Malay or not?" LOL
Students were allowed to return with the parents after meeting up with their respective class teachers so Raimie was only at school for half an hour.

Since I promised that we would take him to watch Toy Story 3 if he can get No. 2, we went to Gardens Mall's GSC Signature after that. 

Have you watched the movie? If you haven't, you must definitely go and watch it!

It was totally awesome. The storyline about Andy being all grown up and heading to college; and what happens to the toys is a perfect ending for the toys' adventures. It's a story about growing up and letting go. About not giving up no matter what. About finding new hope. All I can say to sum up is, the story of Andy’s toys is as heartfelt and wonderful as ever. Woody, you are more than a piece of plastic to me.

Perfectly worth the RM81.00 tickets I paid for. :p

I cried buckets! I'm such a crybaby. *^-^*

More outing on Saturday. No late mornings for us tomorrow. We need to send Raimie to school for his Kem Bestari Solat (Prayer camp?). Raimie had always bugged us to take him to the museum, so maybe after the camp, we'll head to the National Museum.


  1. week i have to meet the parents to talk about their kids in my class. Hahaha

  2. @Willie,
    I always look forward to meeting up with Raimie's teachers. How about you? Looking forward to meeting the parents? :)

  3. Ah, congrats to the proud parents! And to Raimie, of course.

    Thanks for the review on Toy Story 3. Sounds like a good movie. Think I'd need tissues on standby too.

    So Zaini's bet on the Netherlands paid off. Good for him! Did he get it right for Uruguay too?

  4. Btw, Lina, does AdBrite pay better than Adsense? Noticed you've got them ads on now.

  5. @HappSurfer,

    Thanks! We are indeed proud of him. :)

    No idea whether Zaini betted on Uruguay. :D

    Adbrite vs Adsense? No idea yet. I used to have Adsense on my blogs for a few years but just when I almost reach the USD100 mark, my account got suspended. :(

  6. congrats to Raimie on his excellent results. it's great to hear that you guys enjoyed Toy 3. the latest movie i watched was The karate kid and it was heartwarming and inspiring. everyone should go see it.

  7. malay? hehehe...

    just like my mom being mad with us not liking history...she's a history prof!

  8. adsense got suspended? i got that before too. they do such things arbitrarily it seems

  9. I watched this show in 3D and I love it :)

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    Karate Kid sure looks good. Maybe we'll try and catch the movie one day. :)

  11. @Ayie,
    Of all the subjects, he is weak in his own mother tongue! And to think that Raimie's Mom used to aced that! ;)

    I love history Ayie. History is always fascinating to me compared to boring Geography. :p

  12. @Bengbeng,
    I heard it happen to a few others. Oh well....

  13. @VanillaSeven,
    I watched the 3D one too. It was absolutely AWESOME! :)

  14. Raimie's result is excellent & I think don't put too much pressure on him so that he will maintain the good result :-) Yeah I heard so much of recommendation of this TS3 esp from parents, must watch it!

  15. Toy Story 3 was a great watch! :) Enjoyed it thoroughly. I wonder if there would be a 4th one coming up.

  16. @Dora,
    We didn't pressure him much. Heck! What other kids gets allowed to play computer games every day? :D

    Toy Story 3 is definitely a must watch. Go for the 3D. :)

  17. @Yatie,
    I very the sebak time the toys were holding each other's hand waiting for the inevitable at the incinerator. The look they gave to each other thinking that this is the final for them... Oooohhh.... tulis ni pun rasa sedih...

  18. Fuiyoh! So rich! Watch at GSC Signature!! : )

  19. I have yet to watch Toy Story 3 : (

  20. So going for GSC Signature Gold Class next? : )

  21. @Foong,
    Dun like GSC Midvalley. GSC Signature so much nicer.... :D
    Where got rich. We don't watch movies all that often, what. Once in a blue moon only. ;)

  22. Good job Raimie! Evan's teacher said the same thing during our last PTC, he loves to chat in class. Not sure from whom he inherits it though, maybe from his grandmothers, lol.

  23. @Evan's Mom,
    Boys will be boys I guess. :D


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