Taman Warisan Pertanian And Local Fruit Feast

We were out bright and early on Saturday morning and head off to Taman Warisan Pertanian for their "Jom Makan Buah" (Let's Eat Fruit) promotion that was slated to be held on 23-25 July 2010. But imagine our chagrin when we arrived there and only saw 1 fruit stall amidst some other agro-based stall.
Walking around, we saw this notice put up. The event was postponed and it wasn't even updated in their website! I guess it isn't a big issue for Putrajaya residents for the event change but for us, it'd be better if we know about this beforehand - either from their website or in the media. But as it is, events at Putrajaya are seldom mentioned in the newspaper I read.
All wasn't lost though because we then decided to check out the dusun (orchard) area at Taman Warisan Pertanian. Entrance used to be free for this park but now there's an entrance fee of RM2 per adult. Six of us makes the ticket RM12.00. Still - pretty reasonable.
My brother-in-law looking at a jackfruit. We went around for a while because my sis-in-law can't walk that much (she's pregnant) but still we had fun in the park.

Exiting the park, we made a beeline towards the fruit stall and got these.
Our bounty. Dokong, mata kucing and mangosteen.

The durian stall wasn't open yet and we were informed that the vendor will come after lunch so we decided to go to Alamanda for lunch and make a return visit afterwards.

A nice dessert after a good lunch: D24 durians! 

Yummy, custardy durian.


  1. i love durians but it's loaded with high calories that leads to weight gain. :(

  2. adoiiii syiok nya makan durian nihhhh..

  3. @Life Ramblings,
    but it's so nice to splurge on them, right? ;)

  4. @dot,
    tu yg x ingt kat gathering dah tu! XD

  5. They should have informed of the postponement. All the way to Putrajaya is quite a distance.

  6. @Mei Teng,
    I guess their target market isn't someone outside of Putrajaya hence the lack of information...

  7. Aiyo! Postponed and never inform the public?!

  8. I love D24 durians! The best durian to me, even better than Musang King! Haha

  9. @foong,
    This event is not highly publicised, I think...

    Yet to taste Musang King. I'm sure I cannot afford also! XD

  10. The durian looks delicious. I guess the return visit to the stall was well worth it :)

  11. Seldom is an understatement. They NEVER mention any events in Putrajaya at all!

  12. i havent had d24 since i lived in tanjung malim 10 yrs ago .. miss it lots

  13. @Evan's Mom,
    Yes, it was. :)

    And happy too.

  14. @Nick,
    Yeah, well...

    Maybe Putrajaya residents like exclusivity hence the non-news of their events. XD

  15. @Bengbeng,
    Don't have them in Sibu?

  16. that's a fun day out lina! fresh fruits are best too!

  17. @Ayie,
    Yes, it was. Fresh local fruits are a treat. :)


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