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Raimie had to go to school last Saturday for his Kem Bestari Solat (Prayer camp for Muslim students) so we were out of our home early on Saturday. No late morning for us, which meant I didn't spend the whole night watching Korean show. ^-^

He asked to wear his blue Baju Melayu although the baju melayu is already a tad small for him. We bought this baju for Hari Raya 3 years ago, if I'm not mistaken. :D

While he was at school from 8.00am - 12.00pm, Mom and Dad went to Lake Garden for a "date". *^-^*
Lake Garden was abuzz with activity last week. Not so much by the visitors but by DBKL's contractors. Plenty of work being done. I guess there was a new budget allocation for upgrading/maintaining the park because nothing was left untouched. Old tiles for pavements being changed to new ones, trees chopped off, sweepers everywhere, trucks parked on pavements, new trees and flowers planted.... So much activity, it wasn't fun strolling at the park last week. I wonder when all these work will finish?

After stopping by Tun Abdul Razak Memorial (who was Malaysia's second Prime Minister and was hailed as "Father of Development), we visited this FELDA prototype house located at the back of the Memorial. This house was built for FELDA settlers at a cost of RM4,200.00.

FELDA or the Federal Land Development Authority  is an agency handling the resettlement of rural poor into newly developed areas. FELDA's role is to develop new land for plantation areas in a productive way by adopting effective agricultural management practices among the settlers as well as to encourage the development of a progressive and disciplined community.

This type of house is now virtually gone from FELDA settlements and settlers are now living relatively well, with much grander house to live in too!

We had plenty of time to kill, and with no other visitors stopping by, we had a blast reading the visitors book there. KLites, have you ever been to this FELDA house or even to Tun Abdul Razak Memorial?


  1. i have been to this place. i apologize i sometimes drop by but do not comment. this is because my celcom connection is below 5kbps most of the time n i cram my blogging into the little time when it is better than that n it takes ages just to visit a blog :)

  2. @Bengbeng,
    You haven't terminated your Celcom yet? 5knps is so damn slow. If it's me, I'd thrown away the Celcom modem in a fit oredi by niw! o.O

  3. Thanks to Felda that people are better well off now.

  4. Your outing reminds me the "lawatan sambil belajar" during school days hehehe... but I don't think I've visited Felda house but yes to the rest.

    eh it seems my blog already removed from your blogroll? Nvm just for the sake of asking :-)

  5. Wah, someone went dating at lake gardens :D

    I haven't been to lake gardens in years. Maybe one day when I got time can take wifey there for a date too :D

  6. woot, a romantic getaway it seems. it has been decades since my last visit to Lake Gardens.

  7. @Willie,
    FELDA does benefit a lot of people. The second and third generations of the settlers are successful in other fields too.

  8. @Dora,
    It's always nice to do these 'lawatan sambil belajar' sometimes. We shouldn't leave all these places for tourists and schoolchildren to visit because once in a while it's good to be reminded about our history. Right? :)

  9. @Nick,
    We always go on a date at Lake Gardens if Raimie needs to go to school on Saturdays. ;)

    Yalar, should take your wife there. Maybe get on a paddle boat too when you are there. ^-^

  10. @Life Ramblings,
    Well, I've never been to Penang Botanical Garden! :p

    Not romantic lah... We always head to lake gardens or parks in weekends for a jog anyway.

  11. Oh yes Lake Gardens undergoing renovation at the moment. Hope the place turns out better than what it is now.

  12. @Mei Teng,
    But some renovations looks like they are not needed in the first place. Why replace perfectly good pavements with new ones?

    But then, I too hope Lake Gardens will look much better after this.

  13. I thought I left a comment here earlier. Oh well..

    Raimie looks nice in a Baju Melayu. I bet he has a good collection of these baju too, eh?

    Lake Gardens brings to mind serenity. Would love to be able to go there more often. The last time I was there when I went to the KL Bird Park. Love the place. Awesome place to unwind.

  14. @Happysurfer,
    Happen to me when commenting quite a lot too. :(

    Nawww... he has only 3 sets of baju melayu. :D

    It's nice to have a stroll around Lake Garden under the shady trees there. Not many places in KL have that kind of shade.

  15. we also take a detour at the park whenever we go for sunday church

  16. @Ayie,
    Sure nice to walk in the park and breathe in fresh air, right Ayie? :)

  17. Wah! Going on a date? Haha!

  18. I guess it's better you go there after all the renovation is done. If not, no peace and quiet!

  19. Meantime u can go dating at Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam or KLCC Park. Haha!!

  20. @foongpc,
    KLCC Park too many people!

    I like the parks in Putrajaya. In early mornings, we can have the park virtually to ourselves. :)

  21. I always reply to foong as foong. Why lah this time I wrote foongpc, eh? XD


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