The Dependable Mamak

When one spends much of the morning outside, training and only return home well after lunch, the Mamak is the place to look for food, especially during long holiday season just like we had last week, during the CNY weekend.

Days of trail running after breakfast with Son, we only return after 2 or 3pm and we sure as hell didn't want to think about cooking lunch!

Thank goodness the Mamak joint opens 24 hours/day and 364 days a year. (Our Mamak had a day off for Raya. Hahaha)


  1. Same here, if me, i also won't think about cooking lunch...

  2. The mamak shops here have also gained foreigners' liking to become part of our new Malaysian culture to open 24/7. I also ate there during CNY!

  3. ah yes, DEPENDABLE, i like this word.. and so true during the CNY, all kopitiams are closed and the mamak is the only place i can find food outside, and what's best?? no increase in price during CNY..

  4. That's right, thank God for the mamak we can have food anytime!

  5. The mamak near my home in KL was closed for business on the first 2 days of CNY leh! :(


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