40-20-10 On A Single Weekend

In my previous post, I wrote about a 48-hours run called Patriot 200.

While both Zaini and I were not participants of the run (it is still way out of our league), we did however went to give support to the 15 runners last weekend and did our own long runs too.

We both planned to do a bit of running, following our own route but somehow ended up following exactly the Patriot 200 route. A 20K loop around the Core Island of Putrajaya.
This route. This was what we did on Friday night. Two loops around the core island before rushing home to pick up son and send him to his school for his cross country run. ^^

FRIDAY, 13/2/2015
The Patriot 200 was flagged off at 9.00pm on Friday night, so Hubby and I went straight to Putrajaya after having dinner with Son in Bangsar. With Son safely stashed at his grandpa's house, we braved the traffic jam and arrived Taman Seri Empangan minutes before 9.00pm.
Photo credit : PACat Adventure Team
Still clad in office wear, no time to change or shower yet. Hahaha

Keypoh-keypoh a bit and after most of the runners were flagged off (some were still stuck in traffic jam), we went to shower at Taman Seri Empangan's toilet to freshen up and change into our running gear.
It was drizzling a bit so I put on my new running jacket. I only wore it for a run twice, and it was in Japan. ^^

Anyway, it didn't rain long but because the night was windy, I decided to keep the jacket on all through the first loop.

We saw participants on the opposite side of the road as we head off to Masjid Pink. Hollered and clapped for them but I guess most of them were too focused and didn't hear us. Hahaha
The first 10K was easy as it was just a straight run along the road from Taman Seri Empangan all the way to the roundabout past Jambatan Putra and towards Masjid Pink.

While the straight Empangan-PoJ-Masjid Pink route was filled with people enjoying the night out, the lakeside route was a bit quieter and at certain stretches, a bit dark but all in all, a pretty nice route.

We maintained a walking pace of around 10-11min/km for the first 15K before starting a 2-1 run/walk routine. 2K run and 1K walk.

Finished the first loop, lepaked a bit at Team Pacat's support station, talked, eat, drink, before setting off to do our second loop.

This time, we pushed a bit as we were trying to finish the second loop before 5.30am.

Actually, we made it back at 5.15am and we packed up, bid goodbye to the guys manning the support station and drove back to Bangsar.

SATURDAY, 14/2/2015
Arrived FIL's house at 6.00am, showered and drove Son to school for his cross country event.

While waiting for him to finish, both Hubby and I took short naps in the car about 20-30mins a few times, while waiting for the event to finish at around 11.30am.

Did a bit of shopping at TMC before heading home to pick up our stuff.

We were still heading back to Putrajaya on Saturday!
For this.

We had booked a room for Son to stay at Pullman Hotel, while both of us go out for another run that night. ^^

But because the room was so nice and comfy and all that, we started our run rather late than planned.
At 10.32pm to be exact.

Having just a few hours of sleep took a toll on me as I started to feel really sleepy barely 2K into our run.

It was hard to concentrate and tried to keep up pace with hubby and not doze off, I only managed something like a 15min/km walking pace.

It was a struggle to complete one loop and I told hubby I'd better sleep for a couple of hours and continue later.

So it was 3am when we got back to the support station for a rest and a chat before walking back to Pullman Hotel.

But alas, I still found it hard to wake up when the alarm went off at 6.30am. Hahaha

SUNDAY, 15/2/2015
I couldn't even coax myself to wake up to go support friends who joined the TKC Walk/Run event which was held just next to our hotel. Sorry peeps.

Anyway, finally drag my butt out of our hotel room for breakfast at 8.00am and we later checked-out at 10.00am.

Instead of heading home, we were back to the Patriot 200 support station.

Left Son to lepak there, and we set off again for a bit more mileage for the weekend.
Not a lot though.

We decided to tag along a fellow runner who was doing his final 10K, to complete his 100K run.
Congrats Bro Zg for your 100K!

Anyway, I was still a bit dissatisfied with my 70K total mileage so later in the evening, I head out again.

But this time, Zaini didn't join me.
One final 10K.

I did wish to add at least another 10K but I decided not to. After all, if I continued, it'll probably be around 8.00pm when I finished and I won't get to spend much time with Son.

Plus it was already getting hard to stomach another loop after what we've done over the weekend.

So for last weekend, Hubby did 70K and I did 80K.

We managed to get the mileage because we sort of "tumpang" the spirit of those doing Patriot 200.

Doing this alone would be so much harder.

So thank you Patriot 200 participants and organiser for allowing us to sort of mooch off your event last week.

I hope we get another opportunity to do this. It does get kinda addictive, you know? Hihihi


  1. 40-20-10.. what number may this be?? cannot be badan lah kan, muahahaha!!

    okay, what about a 40 year-young lady, doing her 20K in 10 minutes??!!!

    muahaha, superwoman kot?? ^^

    1. 40K on Friday.
      20K on Saturday.
      2 x 10K on Sunday.

  2. so nice lah, Pullman Putrajaya for a stay..

    can run and also can do "something" in the hotel for Valentines' Day too..

    so lomantic weekend lah~~ ^^

  3. Kudos to you guys...can cover some much mileage in a short period!! wow...

    1. We only did little bit, little bit, over the span of 3 days. :P

  4. You are really ketagih for running hee..hee.. I salute you and your boys!

  5. So hot lately, I don't even feel like going out, let alone running! Korang ni memang super lah! @.@

    1. You're not used to it yet lah. Try lah. Hihihi

  6. I missed reading a line and thought you went running in baju kurang, 40.04 km no less... @_@

    1. A few friends jokingly told me that I should just run in that baju kurung. Lol

  7. 48hrs run? You must be kidding, Lina! It's definitely mission impossible for me! Lol!

  8. I salute this SuperLina and Iron Kura's team spirit & support for all your friends. You also ran so much and I would be half dead on the first day but you guys were like Duracell batteries that lasted 3 days! Kudos!

    Pullman is such a classy and nice hotel!


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